How do you play drug dealer card game?

How do you play drug dealer card game?

Each player looks at his card and doesn’t show it to any one. The player with the joker is the drug dealer, he has to guess who is a buyer and who is the cop. The way he sells “drugs” is by SECRETLY signaling to a player. If the player that is signaled to sees or feels the signal and is a buyer then he says “sold”.

How do you play the drinking game soldiers?

How to Play:

  1. Each player is given a toy soldier.
  2. Whenever someone shouts ‘Assume the Position!’ you must adopt the position of your mini-me.
  3. Last one in position has to down a drink.
  4. Change ‘toys’ after each round for maximum variety.

What are the rules of circle of death drinking game?


  • Ace- in your face- everyone else at the table drinks, (a good mouthful or shot constitutes a drink)
  • 2- you- that means you pick someone to take a drink.
  • 3- me- you drink.
  • 4- Floor- Last person to smack the table has to drink.
  • 5- right- the person to your right drinks.
  • 6- social- everyone drinks.

What is purple drinking game?

You need to guess what card is going to be flipped (red = any red card, black = any black card, purple = flip two cards, one red and one black). The person starting the deck needs to get three right in a row. For every wrong guess, you need to take a drink. All these games will get you incapacitated.

What does 5 mean in Circle of Death?

5 = Rhyme Card. Drawer picks a word. Everyone in the circle must say a word that rhymes.

What happens if you break the circle in Circle of Death?

Special Rules House rules apply, so consider these if you’re hosting and playing Circle of Death: If you break the circle of cards, chug your drink or take a shot. If an eight is drawn, guys drink. If a seven is drawn, women drink.

What is 10 in categories drinking game?

10: Categories – The player who picked the card chooses a category. Then everyone goes around and says something that fits in the chosen category. Whoever cannot think of anything in the category has to drink. Good categories to use include types of liquor, car companies, and types of cereal.

How do you play an avalanche?

Each player selects a card at random and places it face up in front of him. The gates on the board are set at random. Play To take a turn, a player drops marbles of any color, one at a time, through any of the holes at the top of the board. A player’s turn ends when one or more marbles falls to the bottom of the board.