How do you put photos on Tiki-Toki?

How do you put photos on Tiki-Toki?

Adding images. Click “Add New Media” on your story. This dialog box will then appear. Enter the image URL, or you can also link your Flickr account for faster access. Again, with a tiki-toki pro account, you can “upload images” directly from your computer.

How do I edit a Tiki-Toki?

How do I edit my timelines?

  1. 1Navigate to the Tiki-Toki home page ( Here (if you are logged in) you will find a list of timelines you have already created and also a form for creating a new timeline.
  2. 2Click on the ‘edit’ button and you will be taken to your timeline’s unique page on the web.

When was Tiki-Toki made?

Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker was launched in 2011 by London-based digital product company Webalon Ltd. It has rapidly become one of the leading timeline software apps on the web.

Is Tiki Toki free?

Tiki-Toki’s free account lets you create a fully-functional timeline that you can share with friends and colleagues.

How do you make a 3d timeline?

To activate the 3d view for your timeline, open the timeline for editing. Then choose the ‘Settings’ tab in the admin panel, and click on the ‘3d settings’ button at the top centre. This will open a new pop-up with all the options available for customising the 3d view. Here is an example of a 3D timeline.

How do you save Tiki Toki?

Click on ‘Save to file’ in the bottom left of your timeline: Pro-tip: If you have unsaved changes, a reminder will appear in the bottom right of your timeline.

What is Tiki Toki app?

Tiki-Toki Timeline Maker is the only online timeline creator app that allows you to display timelines in three dimensions. Our 3d timeline view not only looks amazing but also comes with plenty of customisation options. You can zoom in and out, adjust the panel size, set its direction in time, and much more.