How do you record on a Mackie mixer?

How do you record on a Mackie mixer?

How To Record A Podcast On Mackie ProFX10v3

  1. Reset Mixer To Factory Default Settings.
  2. Connect Audio Mixer To Computer. Using USB Cable.
  3. Connect Microphones To Audio Mixer. Set Gain Correctly.
  4. Connect Extra Inputs. Computer.
  5. Open Garageband (or other software)
  6. Select Audio Mixer as Input Device.
  7. Record Podcast.

How do I connect my Mackie mixer to my computer?

Using the Hosa YXF247 cable, connect the two XLR connectors to the Mackie MAIN OUT Left and Right jacks as above. Connect the 1/8″ miniplug to the MIC IN connection on your computer. Outputs on your Mixer. Connect the Hosa YXF247 cable to the 1/8″ MiniJack Line Input on your Computer.

Can you multitrack record with a mixer?

How do you record multiple tracks with a mixer? You will need a mixer with a built-in audio interface that is capable of multitrack recording. These mixers are usually far more expensive than regular ones, and for a home studio you probably don’t need them anyway.

How do I use my mixer as an audio interface?

How do you connect a sound mixer to an audio interface? Plug the audio output from the sound mixer into the audio input on the audio interface. You can use a quarter-inch cable, RCA cable, or XLR cable to make the connection. Check the inputs and outputs of your equipment to see which connections you have.

How do you set up a mixing desk for recording?

Connect a device

  1. 2-TRACK: Connect your device to the 2-TRACK phono inputs. 3.5mm > RCA.
  2. LINE IN: Connect your device to a channel’s Line in jack (mono) or jacks (stereo)
  3. USB: Connect the mixer to your computer with a USB cable and then select it within your computer’s audio playback/recording settings.

How do I connect my mixer to my laptop to record?

How to Connect Laptop to Mixer for Sound Using a Cable. We use the 3.5 mm female jack connector headphone output to connect the Laptop, iPad, tablet, or mp3 player to the mixing board. All you need is a stereo connector of 3.5 mm to two 1/4″ male jack connectors (link to Amazon).

What is a multi-channel mixer?

Most mixers, for example, incorporate channel strips, headphone outputs and various routing facilities, which means that with a desk and a multi-channel audio interface, you’re just a couple of microphones and a pair of monitors away from being able to do some serious multitrack recording.

Can you record multiple tracks with an audio interface?

No, but it needs something with enough digital channels to carry all the tracks. Could be a pure digital mixer, could be an analog mixer with built-in multi-channel audio interface or could be an analog mixer with enough outputs to feed an audio interface with multiple inputs.

How many channels are there on the built-in mixer?

A built-in StageCONNECT interface adds 32 channels of low-latency I/O over a single XLR microphone cable. Using the WING’s three AES50 networks, you can connect to 144 Sources.

What is 2×4 USB recording?

2×4 means that you have a stereo send to the computer and two stereo returns from your computer.

How many channels of audio can the Mackie profx12 record?

, Audio Producer / Engineer at Real Help Communications / Meadcellar Recording (1994-pre… The Mackie ProFX12 has a USB connection that allows for two channels of audio to be recorded and two channels of playback.

How do I connect the Mackie profx12 to a Mac?

The Mackie ProFX12 has a USB connection that allows for two channels of audio to be recorded and two channels of playback. To use it in Logic, simply connect the mixer to your Mac using USB – there is no driver needed or available for Mac.

Can I use Mackie to record music?

Home Recording / Studio Whether you are taking your first dive into making music, or you’ve been in the game for decades, Mackie has recording and audio solutions that can be used to grow with your needs over time. So go ahead, lay down a beat, grab that guitar, and share your latest track with the world. Related products Mackie Studio Bundle