How do you revise a draft?

How do you revise a draft?

How to revise:

  1. Put your draft aside. Time away from your essay will allow for more objective self-evaluation.
  2. Get feedback.
  3. Construct a backward-outline of your essay.
  4. Rethink your thesis.
  5. Now that you know what you’re really arguing, work on the introduction and conclusion.
  6. Proofread.

How do I not revise?

5 ways NOT to revise

  1. Only reading through the textbook or notes.
  2. Making notes from just one source.
  3. Partying during exam period.
  4. Binging on junk food and energy drinks.
  5. Pulling all nighters.

How many times should you revise a topic?

Revise more than once before exam and make time table to include multiple revisions. Subsequent I.e 2nd/3rd revisions take even lesser time.

What are the tools of writing editing and revising of technical draft?

The basic steps of the writing process are: prewriting (thinking/planning), drafting (actual writing), revising (adding, subtracting, rearranging), and editing (proofreading). These steps should be followed in order, and there are many tools that you can use along the way to make the process a bit easier.

How do you revise quickly and effectively?

18 last-minute exam revision tips

  1. Wake up early. Credit: Warner Bros.
  2. Choose the right place to work.
  3. Go to the library prepared.
  4. Create a plan before you start.
  5. Refrain from panicking.
  6. Use lecture slides and past papers.
  7. Study without technology and social media.
  8. Re-read your lecture notes and highlight.

What is the most effective revision method?

When you are revising, short study sessions followed by short naps are considered one of the best ways to learn. You read that right – it’s actually beneficial to take naps. The brain processes information while sleeping so a well revised topic will be easier to recall if you sleep on it.

Is 10 hours enough to study for an exam?

I usually do about 10-15 hours total, spread between the 3-4 days before the test. This keeps in mind that you have other classes to deal with so you can’t spend all day studying for one test, and the fact that if you study later then the stuff is more fresh in your head (at least to me that’s how it works).