How does T-Mobile refill card work?

How does T-Mobile refill card work?

You can use refill cards, or credit and debit cards. If your plan has limited minutes or data, you can refill your account online, by phone, or by redeeming a refill card. We’ll send a free text message reminder when you get close to your service renewal date.

Does T-Mobile have a 30 dollar plan?

That plan offers 5 GB of 4G data, unlimited text, and 100 minutes of talk time for $30 a month. While the 100-minute limit is strict, 5 GB of data is a healthy amount, and it’s still possible to use WiFi-based services like FaceTime or Skype as a calling replacement.

What’s the least expensive T-Mobile plan?

$10 per month plus tax, the lowest price smartphone plan ever from the Un-carrier, that includes 1000 minutes of talk, 1000 texts and 1GB of high-speed smartphone data.

How long do T-Mobile prepaid cards last?

Funds expire 90 days after being deposited. Account expires 90 days after funds are empty.

What is my T-mobile prepaid account number?

Prepaid accounts If you have a prepaid account and don’t use, your number is your account number. How easy is that? If you have a prepaid account and do use, your account number is at the top right of the magenta bar.

How do I check the balance on my T-mobile prepaid card?

You can also receive a text message showing your balance by calling “#999#” for free from your Prepaid T-mobile phone, or by calling (877) 778-2106 from any touch-tone phone.

What is T-Mobile’s prepaid service called?

Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus You get unlimited talk, text, and data, as you’d expect, as well as up to 10GB of 4G LTE hotspot data and unlimited 3G speeds after that. T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus plan costs $60 per month for one line and $30 per month for each additional line.

What is a prepaid plan?

What are Prepaid plans? With Prepaid, it means you’ll always pay/recharge for your plan upfront. This is seamless process if you link a payment method (such as a credit/debit card or PayPal) to your account, as this allows your plan to automatically recharge at the end of each plan period.

What’s the difference between T-Mobile One and Magenta?

First thing’s first, the name “T-Mobile ONE” is out. Starting June 2, it’ll be replaced by “Magenta.” Magenta is mostly the same as T-Mobile ONE, offering unlimited talk, text, LTE data, free international texting + 2G data, access to T-Mobile Tuesdays, and one hour of free in-flight Wi-Fi on Gogo-enabled planes.

How much is the magenta plan at T-Mobile?

$70 for
How Much Does the T-Mobile Magenta Cell Phone Plan Cost? T-Mobile’s Magenta plan costs $70 for one line, with discounts to add more: Two lines go for $60 each, three for $40 each, and four for $35 each. Those rates include a $5 discount for setting up automatic payments.

What happens if you don’t refill Tmobile prepaid?

If you do not have a sufficient T-Mobile prepaid Service account balance, your prepaid Service will be suspended unless you move to a pay as you go plan. If you do not reinstate prepaid Service within the required period based upon your service plan, your phone number will be reallocated.

Does Tmobile prepaid expire?

As a basic rule of thumb, you can expect T-Mobile prepaid cards to expire within 90 days of loading onto your account. If the amount is more significant than $100, then the prepaid card will not expire for 365 days (a year).