How fast does a 2007 RM85 go?

How fast does a 2007 RM85 go?

The RM85 top speed is in the range of 50-55 mph. This dirt bike is based on a tubular steel frame and it comes with an aluminium beam swingarm.

How fast is a Suzuki RM85?

55–60 miles per hour
The Suzuki RM85 is a Motocross bike created and manufactured by Suzuki. It has been produced from 2002–2022, It has a maximum speed of 55–60 miles per hour (88-96 kilometers per hour).

Is the RM85 a good bike?

the RM85 has the most horsepower in the 85cc class. this bike has the most low end,great mid power,and awsome top end. A really good racing bike.

How much horsepower does a 2007 RM85 have?

41.06 HP
Water cooled, 84cc, Single, 2-stroke

Engine and transmission Switch unit
Engine type: 1 cylinders, 2-stroke, Single
Power: 41.06 HP (30.2 kW) @ 11500 rpm
Throttle: Cable operated
Fuel and ignition

How many gears does a Suzuki 85 have?

Transmission Features The RM85 is equipped with a smooth-shifting, six-speed transmission and a precise rack-and-pinion activated clutch.

How fast does a Suzuki 85 2-stroke go?

Suzuki takes pride in the Suzuki RM85, which can hit 50-55mph under excellent conditions. That’s all thanks to its liquid-cooled 2-stroke single-cylinder engine with electric ignition.

How much is a rm85 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,249 $4,110
Options (Add)
Total Price $4,249 $4,110

How much is an rm85?

Motorcycle Insurance:

Model Type Off-Road
BASE MSRP(US) $4,299.00
Dealers Suzuki Dealers
Warranty 0

What is a KX 85 top speed?

80 mph
Hit the jump for more information on the Kawasaki KX85-I. Top Speed: 80 mph (Est.)…Specifications.

Engine type Liquid-cooled, 2-stroke Single with KIPS
Compression ratio 10.9:1 (low speed); 9.0:1 (high speed)
Valve/Induction system Piston Reed valve

What is a RM85L?

The RM85L is the bike that meets every first-time motocross racers demands, with even bigger wheels for better handling and comfort. The high revving 85cc reed valve engine features alloy exhaust valves for more stable combustion, in combination with the Keihin PE28 carburettor.

Do they still make RM 85?

The RM85 continues to carry on the powerful tradition of racing excellence in the Suzuki motocross family. The reliable two-stroke engine produces smooth power at any rpm with an emphasis on low- to mid-range performance.

How much is a RM85 worth?