How fast is BMW R nineT scrambler?

How fast is BMW R nineT scrambler?

124 mph
Top Speed: 124 mph (Est.)

What type of bike is BMW R nineT scrambler?

Scrambler bike
A: BMW R Nine T Scrambler is a Scrambler bike that weighs 223 kg, has a 1170 cc BS-VI engine and a fuel capacity of 17 litres. You can check the full specifications and features.

Is BMW r9t reliable?

Engine, gearbox and exhaust The 1170cc air-cooled boxer motor is a thoroughly tried and tested unit and has powered every one of BMW’s boxer range, so reliability is most certainly not an issue on the R nineT.

How fast is the r9t?

BMW R nineT top speed is 200+ kmph (company-claimed).

What does scrambler bike mean?

Commonly known as dirt bikes, scrambler motorcycles feature unique specifications geared towards off-road events and sports. To clarify, off-road refers to any road that isn’t paved or isn’t conventional. Scrambler bikes have relatively simple designs with lengthy suspensions and substantial ground clearance.

Where is the BMW r9t made?

This BMW R nineT is a custom motorcycle built by Mikhail Smolânovym of Zillers Garage in Moscow, Russia, in co-operation with John Red Design. The whole bike was covered with fairings to hide all the mechanical components except the 1,170cc boxer engine.

Is the BMW R1200R a bum-basic car?

Find a BMW R1200R for sale. With the exception of a three-way height adjustable seat as standard, the R1200R is bum-basic for a BMW, and that’s why the price is kept low (for a BMW).

How much power does a BMW R1200S have?

The new BMW R1200S was 22 lbs. lighter than the previous model and more powerful with a claimed 122 hp. In 2006 an R1200S won the eight-hour Moto ST endurance race at Daytona.

What kind of suspension does a BMW R1200RT have?

The BMW R1200RT featured touring niceties such as an electrically adjustable windscreen, anti-lock brakes (introduced in 2007 as replacement to the previously used integrated braking system) and BMW’s now signature Telelever front suspension.

When did the BMW R1200C get discontinued?

The BMW R1200C was discontinued after the 2004 model year. The next Beemer to receive the 1200 engine was the company’s legendary GS model. The BMW R1200GS was launched in 2004 and has since become BMW’s best selling model. The GS was first introduced in 1980 as the R80G/S and went on to win notoriety in world rally events such as the Dakar.