How long does hair have to be to donate in BC?

How long does hair have to be to donate in BC?

10 inches long
Hair Donation Criteria Hair should be a minimum of 10 inches long (please pull curly hair straight to measure). Hair must be clean and dry prior to cutting. Donations MUST be tightly bound in ponytails, secured at the top end only, with an elastic band.

Can you still donate hair in Canada?

There are a limited number of places that will accept donated hair, so be sure to contact one prior to having yours cut. A few options are Rock Your Locks, Angel Hair for Kids, and CanDonate Hair Foundation (Quebec).

How do I donate my hair in Victoria BC?

Where to donate your hair

  1. Wash and dry your hair.
  2. Section your hair into small ponytails around your head and secure with elastics.
  3. Measure your ponytail.
  4. Cut hair 1-2cm above the elastic.
  5. Seal the ponytail in a snap lock bag.
  6. Place in an envelope and mail to: Sustainable Salons – Ponytails, GPO Box 322, Sydney NSW 2001.

How do I donate my hair in BC?

Hair Donation Criteria:

  1. Hair should be a minimum of 10 inches in length.
  2. Hair should be tied at the top (ponytail) not braided.
  3. Hair should not be dyed, permed or chemically treated.
  4. Grey hair is accepted.
  5. Do not straighten hair – wash and dry please.
  6. Hair should be sent within 3 months of cut date.

How do I prepare my hair for donation?

Wash and dry your hair. After you wash your hair, don’t use any hair products, such as hairspray, gel, or mousse. Hair that’s donated must be completely dry before it’s shipped so it doesn’t mold and become unusable.

How do I measure my hair to donate?

Measure the length of the ponytail from the elastic band; make sure the hair is at least 8 inches. Any length shorter than 8 inches is too short to be used in a wig and will not be used. There is no maximum length requirement. (If your hair is not 8 inches, continue to grow your hair out.)

How do I donate my hair in Vancouver?

Hair Donation Program

  1. Hair should be washed and fully dried (wet hair will not be used)
  2. Do not braid.
  3. Tie the top end only.
  4. Hair should be a minimum of 10 inches in length – no less on shortest layer.
  5. Hair should “Currently” not be coloured or permed.
  6. We accept grey hair.

Is Pantene still accepting hair donations?

Hair donations will no longer be accepted after December 31, 2018. Through the passion and generosity of donors all over the US and Canada, we are pleased to share that we are able and committed to meet the future real-hair wig needs of the American and Canadian Cancer Societies for the next four years.

Can you donate hair less than 10 inches?

Hair We Share makes wigs for kids 18 and under who’ve lost their hair due to medical reasons. They require at least 8 inches of hair that is not highlighted. The hair must be bound in small ponytails with 1 inch of hair above the rubber bands.

How long does your hair have to be to donate Canada?

10 inches
LENGTH: 10 inches, measured tip to tip, is the minimum length that can be used to make a hairpiece. Curly hair may be pulled straight to measure the minimum 10 inches.

How do I donate my hair in Canada?

If you’re thinking about donating your hair:

  1. Hair must be clean, dry and not swept off the floor.
  2. Hair must be a minimum length, based on the requirements of the hair donation program.
  3. In most cases, hair should not be chemically treated (bleach, colour or perm).
  4. Hair should be bundled in a ponytail at both ends.