How many miles can a 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac last?

How many miles can a 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac last?

According to Motor and Wheels, “A Ford Explorer can last up to 10-17 years with regular maintenance. An average Ford Explorer can easily achieve 80,000 to 200,000 miles. If you visit Explorer forums, you will find several examples of users with over 300k miles on the odometer.”

What does Sport Trac mean on a Ford Explorer?

An automotive mash-up between a Ford Explorer and a Ford F-150, the 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac is essentially a sport utility vehicle which features a truck bed for greater cargo versatility.

Where is the paint code on a 2004 Ford Explorer?

The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb.

What colors are available for Ford Explorer?

2021 Ford Explorer Exterior Color Options

  • Agate Black.
  • Carbonized Grey.
  • Iconic Silver.
  • Atlas Blue.
  • Oxford White.
  • Stone Grey.
  • Infinit Blue Metallic (extra cost)
  • Rapid Red Metallic Clearcoat (extra cost)

What is considered high mileage for a Ford Explorer?

On average, with proper care and regular maintenance, Ford Explorers can bank up to 200,000 miles over the course of their lives.

Why did Ford stop making the Explorer Sport Trac?

The Sport Trac was discontinued in 2010 when high fuel prices and the recession saw demand drop off considerably. Had Ford continued to develop the Explorer Sport Trac, it probably wouldn’t have needed to revive the Ranger.

What was the best years Ford Explorer Sport Trac?

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac experienced a redesign in 2007. Although better with the 2007 iteration, it still had some improvement to go. This betterment is evident with 2008, 2009, and 2010 models….According to, some of the best years for the Ford Explorer Sport Trac include:

  • 2008.
  • 2009.
  • 2010.

What color is RR?

Ruby Red
Ford: Ruby Red – Paint Code RR.

What does a Ford paint code look like?

Ford Paint Codes are found on the slam panel near the bonnet catch on older models, or in the door shut on newer models. You are looking for a silver plate or black sticker which has seven boxes down the left hand side. The colour code is the second from the bottom.

What is carbonized Gray?

Here’s our first look at the Carbonized Gray option. Assigned order code M7, Carbonized Gray is a metallic color and is one of 15 available colors on the 2021 Ford F-150. It’s a no-cost option, but its availability is limited since the hue can’t be paired with certain trims.

What is the difference between Star White and Oxford White?

The shiny texture of Star White is glossy and hides the scratches and scuffs easily. By contrast, the Oxford White appears bright and plain compared to the shiny Star White texture.

How long will a 2004 Ford Explorer last?

The Ford Explorer can reach 200,000 miles when properly maintained.