How many states did Clinton win 1992?

How many states did Clinton win 1992?

Clinton flipped a total of 22 states that had previously voted Republican in the election of 1988. Along with Gerald Ford (1976), Jimmy Carter (1980), and Donald Trump (2020), Bush is one of four incumbent presidents since World War II to lose a bid for a second term.

Did Ross Perot win any states?

He failed to win any states in the Electoral College because of the relatively even distribution of his support, but did win over 30% of the vote in Maine and 27% in Utah, finishing second in both states.

Who won the election in 1912?

Wilson handily defeated Taft and Roosevelt winning 435 of the 531 available electoral votes. Wilson also won 42% of the popular vote, while his nearest challenger, Roosevelt, won just 27%.

Who was the vice president of Fidel Ramos?

Fidel V. Ramos

His Excellency General Fidel V. Ramos CCLH, GCS, KGCR
Vice President Joseph Estrada
Preceded by Corazon Aquino
Succeeded by Joseph Estrada
Secretary of National Defense

Who was president after Reagan?


President Previous 3
39 Jimmy Carter State legislator
40 Ronald Reagan
41 George H. W. Bush Federal office
42 Bill Clinton

What happened in the year 1988?

Some big 1988 events include the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher, becoming the longest-serving Prime Minister of the 20th century. The Soviet war with Afghanistan eventually ended after 8 long years, and the devastating Pan Am Flight 103 disaster shocked the world in December.

Who won the 1992 presidential election?

After Bill Clinton secured the Democratic Party’s nomination in the spring of 1992, polls showed Ross Perot leading the race, followed by President Bush and Clinton in third place after a grueling nomination process. Two-way trial heats between Bush and Clinton in early 1992 showed Bush in the lead.

What do the numbers mean in the 1992 election?

Numbers indicate electoral votes cast by each state and the District of Columbia. The 1992 United States presidential election was the 52nd quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 1992.

How did Democrats and Republicans fare in the 1992 elections?

Democrats and Republicans each defended gubernatorial positions in six states in 1992. Democrats won a net gain of two gubernatorial seats in the 1992 elections. ^ Republicans picked up one seat in the regularly-scheduled elections, while Democrats picked up one seat in a special election.

What is the best book on the 1992 election?

“The 1992 Elections.” Journal of Politics (1994): 1133-1144; reviews leading political science studies of the election Ceaser, James, and Andrew Busch. Upside Down and Inside Out: The 1992 Elections and American Politics (1993).