How many Superbook series are there?

How many Superbook series are there?


Superbook (reboot series)
No. of series 5
No. of episodes 68 (list of episodes)
Running time 26–28 minutes

Where can you find Superbook episodes?

Supporters of the Superbook Project make it possible to provide Superbook episodes in the Superbook Bible App, on the Superbook Kids website and to broadcast Superbook around the world.

Is Superbook Catholic or Protestant?

The Catholic Faith
Superbook – Animated bible stories. Formed – The Catholic Faith. On demand. Get thousands of movies, programs, audio, and books instantly.

What streaming service has Superbook?

Currently you are able to watch “Superbook” streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Pure Flix, DIRECTV or buy it as download on Amazon Video.

Who is Chris girlfriend in Superbook?

Joy Pepper | Superbook Wiki | Fandom.

How many episodes are in Superbook?

52Superbook / Number of episodes

How can I watch Superbook Season 4 and 5?

Top 5 providers

  • Netflix.
  • Apple iTunes.

How can I watch Superbook Season 3?

Currently you are able to watch “Superbook – Season 3” streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Is Superbook biblically accurate?

“We are being as biblically accurate as possible with our new Superbook series,” said Schafer. To ensure biblical accuracy, Bible scholars are consulted on every script and the series’ writers include actual biblical dialogue in each episode.

Is Superbook biblical?

Superbook is the Bible brought to life through animation—a timeless form of storytelling—to introduce children to Jesus and help develop their faith. More than an animation series, Superbook lets children experience and interact with Bible stories using the Superbook Bible App and the Superbook Kids website.

Where can you watch Superbook Season 4?

How old is Chris in Superbook?

Personality. Chris is a 12-year-old skateboarder, video gamer, and lead guitarist in a garage band with his Valleyview Middle School buddies.

What is Superbook Part 1?

In Part 1, travel to Athens, where the Apostle Paul challenges people who believe in many gods. The children begin to see how to tell others about the one true God! Superbook launches Chris, Joy and Gizmo on a two-part adventure. In Part 1, travel to Athens, where the Apostle Paul challenges people who believe in many gods.

What is the Superbook DVD club?

Superbook DVD Club members have access to watch full-length Superbook episodes online or within the Free Superbook Bible App. They also receive 3 DVD’s of each new Superbook episode.

Where can I watch Superbook episodes?

Watch Superbook full episodes from the Emmy nominated animated series on CBN’s Superbook Kids website! Our site is a safe place for kids to play free and fun online games, interactive learning games, Bible games, to learn more about the Bible, and grow in their faith!

What can you learn from the Book of Superbook?

Even when you are weak or afraid, God will fill you with His mighty strength. God will always help you stand up for what is right. One Woman, Two Spies, and an Army of God! Superbook transports your kids back in time to the ancient city of Jericho. You’ll meet Rahab, Joshua, and the Hebrew spies.