How much are SCT custom tunes?

How much are SCT custom tunes?

SCT X4 for Ford with 3 Custom Tunes $529.00.

How do I create a custom tune for SCT?

Upload your tune files to the X4:

  1. Open the SCT Device Updater Software (if it’s not open already)
  2. Select “Load Custom Tune File”
  3. Select your file named “yournameYRmodel m_dd_yy.
  4. Select the “>>” arrow to place the file “On Device”
  5. Click the “program” button and the program will take a momement to write the file to the X4.

What is a custom tune for a truck?

A Custom Tune is a tune written specifically for you based on your modifications to your vehicle and/or your driving preferences. Custom Tunes can only be purchased by one of our Authorized Custom Tuning Dealers.

What vehicles does TunerPro support?

The tuning community have adapted TunerPro to many vehicle makes and models, including GM OBDI (pre-96) and LS-based vehicles, Ford EECIV and EECV, early and mid-90’s Nissan, DSM (Mitsubishi), Buell, BMW, Porsche, Renault (Fenix 1 and 3), Subaru Ducati, Honda and Yamaha motorcycles, and more.

How much HP does a SCT tuner add?

How Much HP Does an SCT Tuner Add? You might expect to gain up to 120 HP with a diesel engine, up to 50 HP with a naturally aspirated gas engine, and up to 100 HP with a turbo-charged gas EcoBoost engine.

Does SCT tuner come with tunes?

Every SCT X4 comes with everything tune for every Ford product that is supported preloaded. The picture above are all custom tunes.

Is a custom tune worth it?

If you only have basic mods or you’re still building your car, then a custom tune might not be the best choice right now. Since you won’t be able to get the most from your setup, it won’t be cost effective. A canned tune will offer some gains and will be cheaper.

What is the difference between TunerPro and TunerPro RT?

TunerPro RT includes all of the features of the free version of TunerPro, plus: Emulation functionality – Fully supports nearly all of Craig Moates’s hardware as well as XTronics Romulator, Bob Bailey’s MAF Translator Pro, Split Second’s hardware, CobraRTP, and plug-ins available for other hardware.

What is WinOls tuning?

WinOls is an extremely advanced piece of software. It allows for tuners to carry out the most basic of alterations and modifications to an ECU file. It also allows for extremely complex, high-level tuning to be carried out. Upgrades from stage 1 through to stage 5,6,7 and beyond are all possible with WinOls.

How much HP does a SCT X4 tuner add?