How much damage does Thornmail do?

How much damage does Thornmail do?

UNIQUE – Thorns: Upon being hit by a basic attack, reflects 10 (+10% bonus Armor) magic damage to the attacker and inflicts them with 40% Grievous Wounds for 2 seconds if they are a champion. Immobilizing enemy champions also applies 60% Grievous Wounds for 2 seconds.

What should I buy against Thornmail?

There are really only four things you can do as an AD carry against an enemy with Thornmail.

  • Get Armor Pen: Thornmail offers the highest armor rating in the game of I believe 100.
  • Bump up your lifesteal: Items like bloodthirster boost your lifesteal, thus nullifying a bit of that damage you are getting back.

Is Thornmail unique?

Unique ability: On being hit, returns 20% of damage taken (20 damage minimum).

What builds into Thornmail?

You will need a Bramble Vest + Giant’s Belt + 1000 gold to complete Thornmail. You can sell this Legendary item for a reduced price of 1890 gold.

How much is Thornmail?

2900 gold
Thornmail now costs a total of 2900 gold and has a new build path: Ruby Crystal, Warden’s Mail, 400 gold and the brand new Bramble Vest.

Do grievous wounds stack?

A unit that is affected by Grievous Wounds will be prevented from healing any source for the duration. Multiple sources of Grevious Wounds will not stack but instead refresh the duration.

Does Thornmail Proc Liandry’s?

Damaging item effects that do not trigger spell effects (e.g. Thornmail) will not proc Torment.

How does abyssal mask work?

What does Abyssal Mask do? Unique – UNMAKE: Immobilizing an enemy champion increases the damage they take by 10% for 4 seconds.

Can you cleanse grievous Wounds?

Cleanse will not remove non-CC effects, such as: damage over time, attack speed reductions, defense shredding and grievous wounds.

Does Liandry’s reduce healing?

liandry will almost always outdeal the amount that would’ve been healed except in very gross situations. 10% amp to all total damage + constant reapplications of % hp burn that is very easy to get the 7.5% with teammates etc.

Who is Liandry’s salesman?

The story of “LS, the Liandry’s Salesman” According to LS, Morellonomicon has been overvalued in professional play ever since the item’s rework in patch 8.4.

Is abyssal mask good?

League of Legends Abyssal Mask is a Legendary item that costs 900 Gold. This item is 74.57% gold efficient based on its 350 Health, 60 Magic Resistance Stats.