How much does a 777 freighter cost?

How much does a 777 freighter cost?

In 2019, the -200ER unit cost was US$306.6 million, the -200LR: US$346.9 million, the -300ER: US$375.5 million and the 777F US$352.3 million. The -200ER is the only Classic variant listed.

Will there be a 777X freighter?

According to its vice-president of sales and marketing for the Middle East, Boeing has confirmed that it expects to deliver the first 777-8 freighter (777-8F) to Qatar Airways in 2027.

How much does it cost to buy a decommissioned 777?

Probably somewhere between $10 million and $60 million for a used 777-200ER. The low end is probably too low, just as the high end is — or soon will be — too high.

How many 777 freighters are there?

Customers from around the world have ordered more than 300 777 Freighters since the program began in 2005.

How much does it cost to fly a 777 per hour?

Boeing 777-300 Private Charter Flights and Prices The average hourly rental rate of the Boeing 777-300 is around 28,500 USD per hour.

Is there a 787 freighter?

Introduction. After looking at what 787 variant makes for the best freighter, we now compare the economics of the 787, 767-300F, and A330-200F freighters. Figure 1. The 767-300F freighter (top) and its possible replacements: 787-8F (middle) and 787-9F (bottom).

What will replace the 747 Freighter?

The 777 freighter is intended to replace the 747-400 freighter. The final 747 is expected to be delivered in October to Atlas Air, ending production of the 747 series. Over time, the new 777-8F would replace the current 777 freighter, Kowal said.

How much is a 777 worth?

The Boeing 737-700, listed at an average price of just under 90 million U.S. dollars, is among the least expensive models, while the Boeing 777-9, priced at 442 million U.S. dollars, is among the most expensive ones on Boeing’s price list.

Who operates 777?

United Airlines first placed the 777 into commercial airline service in 1995. The most successful variant is the 777-300ER with 799 aircraft delivered and over 844 orders to date. Emirates operates the largest 777 fleet, with 148 aircraft….Current and future operators.

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Is a 777 better than a 747 airplane?

The 747 has not only a longer range (albeit by only a small margin) but the 747 is also faster than the 777. The 747 also has a higher service ceiling than the 777, which helps it travel faster. Boeing 747 vs 777: Which is truly Boeing’s best large jet?

How much does a 777 cost?

The plane lists for $425.8 million. The smaller 777-8 lists for $394.9 million, only $8 million less than the 747-8 jumbo jet. The company has booked 326 orders for the 777 planes but does not break out the orders by model.

What is the passenger capacity of 747 and 777?

The smaller 777-8 will offer a capacity of around 384 and closely competes with the A350-1000. The 777-9 sits well alongside the 747. The newer (and larger) 747-8 has a typical capacity of 410, according to Boeing (this is in a three-class configuration). It is rated to a maximum of 563, however.

How much is a new Boeing 777?

The most expensive aircraft on the Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) price list is the 777-9, the larger of two versions of the new 777X family. The plane lists for $425.8 million. The smaller 777-8 lists for…