How much does a Campagna T-Rex cost?

How much does a Campagna T-Rex cost?

At a glance

Price $57,999 – $63,999
Fuel consumption 7.0 L/100km
The Car Guide rating N/A

How much does a 2020 T-Rex cost?

The MSRP for the T-Rex 16S starts at $57,999, and it’s a wild-looking vehicle (autocycle is the latest descriptor and a term adopted by 40 states, says Polaris’ Slingshot crew) powered by BMW’s wonderfully whooping inline-six-cylinder motor claiming 160 hp at its crankshaft from its 1649cc.

How much does a 2021 Campagna T-Rex cost?

The suggested retail price for a 2021 T-Rex is $65,999. Fortunately, the price of a used model is slightly less, although given that only a limited number of the machines are built each year, sourcing one can be a challenge.

How fast does a Campagna T-Rex go?

130 mph
Campagna Motors T-Rex 16S Base – CA$57,999 Performance – CA$63,999

0-100 km/h 3.9 s
80-120 km/h N/A
Top speed 210 km/h (130 mph)
Braking distance 36 m

Is Trex street legal?

There are not many vehicles out there that are truly unique, but the Kawasaki-based T-Rex certainly is and that makes me happy. It’s hard to believe this thing is actually street legal, and despite its transformation from motorcycle to something resembling a car, it is actually still titled as a motorcycle.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a T-Rex?

To be authorized to drive a 3-wheel T-Rex- or Slingshot-type vehicle, you must hold a valid Class 5 licence. You do not need to hold a motorcycle licence to drive this type of vehicle.

What motor is in the T-Rex?

Powered by the in-line 4 cylinder 1441cc engine from KAWASAKI®, the T-REX RR has all the power to give you a race-ride type of experience. It delivers a low rpm torque for smooth or brisk accelerations. This makes the T-REX RR a beast on the road and on the track.

What motor is in a Campagna T-Rex?

1352-cc inline 4-cylinder engine
Built by hand at a factory in Montreal, the T-Rex sits on a chassis constructed from 1.5-inch tubular steel covered with fiberglass body panels. Mounted behind the driver is a 197-horsepower, 1352-cc inline 4-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission transferred directly from a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14.

Do you need a helmet to drive a T-Rex?

Although seating and controls are much like those of a car, the T-Rex (along with Campagna’s other three-wheeler, the V13R) is registered in Ontario as a motorcycle. But you don’t need a motorcycle licence to ride, ahem, drive one. You do have to wear a motorcycle helmet while in one, however.

Is a T-Rex a car or a motorcycle?

It’s that little three-wheeler that looks like a cross between a car and a sport bike, easily recognizable by its bold style and low profile. The T-Rex is the creation of Daniel Campagna, who officially started producing it in 1994. Back then, the T-Rex was only sold in Quebec and classified as a motorcycle.

Is T-Rex street legal?

How much horsepower does a T-Rex have?

The 2021 RAM 1500 TRX doesn’t mess around. It has a supercharged 6.2L HEMI V8, better known as the Hellcat. It pumps out an insane 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque.