How much does a Glock 26 Weigh fully loaded?

How much does a Glock 26 Weigh fully loaded?

The Glock 26 Gen 4 weighs approximately 25 ounces with a loaded magazine. This makes it about five ounces lighter than another popular 9mm Luger gun, the Glock 19. The overall size of this firearm is much smaller and that shows with a barrel length of 3.43 inches and a slide length of 6.26 inches.

How much does a loaded Glock magazine weigh?

Weight (with a loaded magazine): 855 g / 30.06 oz.

How much does a G26 weigh?

21.71 ounces
The Glock 26 weighs 21.71 ounces unloaded, a quarter pound less than the Glock 17, and weighs even less loaded due to the smaller magazine. The Glock 26 takes a ten-round double-stack magazine, while the Glock 17 takes a seventeen-round magazine.

How many rounds can a Glock 26 hold?

10 rounds
The GLOCK 26 Gen4 in 9 mm Luger is one of the most sought-after concealed carry pistols. The magazine capacity of 10 rounds is standard and the highly accurate firing characteristics explain why the G26 Gen4 is the mainstay backup option among security personnel and agencies worldwide.

Is the Glock 26 a good carry gun?

The Glock 26 is a reliable choice for those that want a subcompact handgun. As with most other Glocks, it fires 9mm rounds with dependable accuracy. It stands out compared to other options due to its size. The grip may be a little small for individuals with large hands.

What does a fully loaded Glock 27 weigh?

Length of the weapon topped off at 160mm (6.29 inches) with a barrel of 106mm (4.17 inches), the latter featuring a right hand twist. Weight was 19.75 ounces with a loaded weight of 26.98 ounces. Width was just 30mm (1.18 inches). The standard available magazine allowed for 9 cartridges.

How many pounds does a Glock weigh?

Barrel Length: 4.02 inches. Weight UNLOADED: 24.83 ounces. Weight LOADED: 31.39 ounces. Trigger Pull: 5.8 pounds.

Is a Glock 26 good for self-defense?

The Glock 26 is chambered for the 9x19mm round. An argument can be made that this is the most popular defensive pistol caliber in the US (maybe around the world) today.

Does Glock still make G26?

The GLOCK 26 is now available in GLOCK’s latest generation of perfection.