How much does a wildlife officer make in Tennessee?

How much does a wildlife officer make in Tennessee?

Tennessee Wildlife Officer Salary Wildlife officer: $38,616 – $59,964.

What careers deal with wildlife?

Wildlife Veterinarian.

  • Zookeeper.
  • Marine Mammal Trainer.
  • Herpetologist.
  • Wildlife Biologist.
  • Ichthyologist.
  • Zoo Curator.
  • Aquarist.
  • What is the highest paying job wildlife?

    These are some of the highest paying wildlife jobs, with a median annual wage of ​$66,350​. Zoologists and wildlife biologists who work for the federal government may earn over ​$81,500​ per year, reports the BLS. Experienced professionals, especially those in research roles, can make ​$106,320​ or higher.

    How much do game wardens make in Tennessee?

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average game warden in the state of Tennessee makes a median salary of $68,070 per year.

    How do I become a Tennessee wildlife officer?

    Education and Experience Required: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in wildlife or fisheries management, wildlife biology, or other related acceptable field and experience equivalent to two years of full-time professional wildlife resources work; additional graduate course …

    How long does it take to become a Tennessee game warden?

    Game Warden Training: Throughout the 8-week course, new officers will learn the following essential skills in order to be an effective game warden: Tennessee and federal wildlife laws and regulations.

    What qualifications do I need to work with wildlife?

    Candidates have experience in bird observation and conservation and they need to be thorough, analytical, meticulous and pay attention to detail. Most people working with birds have a degree or higher degree in countryside or conservation management, ecology, zoology or a related biological science.

    How much do TN state troopers make?

    Upon successful completion of training at the Academy and commissioning as a law enforcement officer, a Trooper’s salary will increase to $3,690.00 per month. With regular pay increases, a Trooper can earn $65,808.00 per year after 10 years of service, under the current pay structure.

    What do you need to be a game warden in TN?

    What are some careers in wildlife conservation?

    Below is a list of popular careers in wildlife conservation. Wildlife Manager. Maintains or manipulates wildlife populations, habitats, or human users to produce benefits for wildlife and the general public. Benefits sought may be ecological, economic, social, recreational, or scientific.

    Are there any wildlife positions available within the TWRA?

    There are many positions inside the TWRA. We have listed below the different Wildlife positions occasionally available within the Agency. For additional positions and all wildlife positions available within the department, search the State of Tennessee’s Department of Human Resources website here!

    How do I start a career in the wildlife field?

    A career in the wildlife field requires serious preparation and long hours of hard work to acquire knowledge and skills; there is strong competition for positions. A dogged determination is necessary to keep your goals in sight. Many of these careers have higher education requirements, so early preparation is important.

    What is a wildlife management employee?

    This is the entry level working class in the field of wildlife management. An employee in this class is responsible for professional wildlife management work in the implementation of wildlife management practices on a wildlife area or facility.