How much horsepower does a Kubota M9000 have?

How much horsepower does a Kubota M9000 have?

92.1 hp
Kubota M9000

Kubota M9000 Power
Engine (gross): 92.1 hp 68.7 kW
PTO (claimed): 80 hp 59.7 kW
PTO (tested): 81 hp 60.4 kW
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What year was the KUBOTA M9000 made?


Series M Series
Years Manufactured 1997 – 2005

How much does a Kubota m7060 Weight?

5027 to 5380 pounds
Kubota M7060

Dimensions & Tires
2WD Wheelbase: 84.4 inches 214 cm
Weight: 5027 to 5380 pounds
Front tire: 7.5-16
Rear tire: 16.9-30 (2WD)

What is the engine of Kubota m9000?

Kubota V3300-TIE
Kubota M9000 Engine

Engine Detail
Kubota V3300-TIE
Displacement: 202 ci 3.3 L
Bore/Stroke: 3.86×4.33 inches 98 x 110 mm

How much oil does a Kubota m9000 hold?

Engine oil capacity 10.7 L (11.3 U.S.qts., 9.4 lmp. qts.) Coolant capacity 9.0 L (9.5 U.S.qts., 7.92 lmp.

Is Kubota M7060 a good tractor?

the M7060 is a substantial piece of machinery. Designated a deluxe utility tractor suitable for raking, disc mowing, handling small round or square balers and other tasks, the Kubota M7060 is worth checking out if you are in the market for a 70-horsepower machine.

How much can a Kubota M7060 lift?

The M7060 offers a large pump capacity is 16.2GPM. This tractor’s lifting capacity is at 24in. behind lift, the point is 3307lbs, 1500kg.

How much is a Kubota M7060?

2021 Kubota M7060 8-Speed 4WD with CAB • $46,024.

What category is a Kubota M7060?

Category 1 – 2 Hitch… and here’s why… Your Kubota M60 Series M7060 Utility Tractor will be ready to take on literally anything with either the Heavy Hitch Category 1 Hitch or Category 2 Hitch because our hitches are designed with precision and high-quality made-in-the-USA materials.