How much is a McLaren P1 in Australia?

How much is a McLaren P1 in Australia?

$2 million
The McLaren P1 will cost Australians close to $2 million but will be confined to racetracks, with confirmation it will be produced exclusively in left-hand drive.

How much is a McLaren P1 worth now?

The P1 sells for $1.15 million. The GTR will cost £1.98 million. That’s $3.36 million.

How much is a 2021 McLaren P1?

Although $1.2 million sounds like a lot, in the world of hypercars, it’s actually quite…affordable. Let’s look at the price of the McLaren P1’s main competition, the Ferrari LaFerrari.

Can you get a McLaren P1 in Australia?

McLaren never officially offered the P1 for sale in Australia, however P1s have been seen Down Under in the hands of collectors, even though they aren’t able to be legally registered in Aussie states.

How much is a McLaren in Aus?

The 2022 McLaren Artura is set to arrive in Australia showrooms later this year, with an entry price of $449,500.

How much is a McLaren Worth Australia?

McLaren 720S Pricing and Specs The Mclaren 720S is available from $499,000 to $582,700 for the 2022 range of models in Coupe and Convertible body types.

How much does a McLaren P1 2020 cost?

McLaren’s New, More Powerful P1 Supercar Will Cost a Cool $3.4M.

Is the P1 street legal?

It’s now the first of six P1 GTR-18s that’ll be built with help from the O’Gara group – all of which will be road-legal and will feature different retro liveries first seen on racing F1s in the 1990s.

Is a McLaren P1 street legal?

This also wouldn’t be the first time it’s converted P1 GTRs to be street-legal. Nostalgic paint isn’t the only thing the P1 GTR-18 has going for it, though. Its body has been lengthened for a truly race-ready Longtail look and its front splitter and massive rear wing have been tweaked to create even more downforce.

What is the most expensive McLaren?

5 Most Expensive McLaren Supercars on Autotrader

  • 2019 McLaren Senna GTR: $2,999,990. This 2019 McLaren Senna GTR is $2,999,990.
  • 2020 McLaren Senna GTR: $2,599,990. This 2020 McLaren Senna GTR is $2,599,990.
  • 2015 McLaren P1 GTR: $2,599,990.
  • 2020 McLaren Senna GTR: $1,950,000.
  • 2014 McLaren P1: $1,799,800.

How many McLaren cars are in Australia?

McLaren sold 116 cars in 2017, but was down to 88 in 2018 in Australia.

How much are Mclarens Australia?

Why you should buy a McLaren P1?

The large rear wing adjusts automatically to boost downforce.

  • All examples will be produced in left-hand drive.
  • Active aerodynamics produce up to 1,323 pounds of downforce,the most of any production car.
  • What is the cost of owning a McLaren P1?

    While the P1 had 375 made and they each cost $1 million, the P1 GTR had only 50 made and they each cost $1.9 million. The P1 GTR started out as an exaggeration, never expected to become reality.

    How much is a McLaren P1?

    Now correctly named as the McLaren P1™ (with the trademark symbol), it appears in Asphalt Nitro as a Class S car and performs identically to its Asphalt 8: Airborne rendition. It costs 160,000 to purchase. The McLaren P1 was added in The Great Wall Update as a mid Class A car with the following statistics:

    How much does the McLaren P1 weigh?

    The P1 is electronically limited to a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph). The P1 has a dry weight of 1,395 kg (3,075 lb), giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 656 PS/tonne. It has a kerb weight of 1,547 kg (3,411 lb) which translates to 601 PS/ tonne.