How much is mini laptop in Nigeria now?

How much is mini laptop in Nigeria now?

Cost of Mini Laptops in Nigeria You may spend less than 150,000 Naira to get a pretty efficient and robust mini laptop that runs most applications you’ll need almost flawlessly.

What is the price of Samsung mini laptop?

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₹ 29,500 ₹ 28,500
Operating System Windows 8
Brand HP HP

Which is the cheapest laptop of Acer?

Cheap Acer Laptops Price in India 2022

  • ₹ 23,990.
  • Acer Aspire 3 A315-32 (UN.GVWSI.001) Laptop (15.6 Inch | Pentium Quad Core | 4 GB | Windows 10 | 1 TB HDD)
  • Acer Aspire 3 A315-53 (NX.H38SI.010) Laptop (15.6 Inch | Pentium Dual Core | 4 GB | Windows 10 | 500 GB HDD)

What are mini laptops called?

A mini laptop. Mini laptops, also called netbooks, may provide a great option for those who travel a lot and want a compact computer to take on the road with them. Often, these computers have batteries that last for two to three hours of operating time, but a user can purchase a battery that lasts longer.

How much is the Samsung Notebook 9?

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro (2019)

Price as reviewed $1,099
Graphics 128MB Intel UHD Graphics 620
Storage 256GB SSD
Networking 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless; Bluetooth 5.0
Operating system Windows 10 Home (64-bit)

What is price of Samsung laptop?

Samsung Laptops Price in India

Best Samsung Laptops Models Price
Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 13.3 Laptop (13.3 Inch | Core i5 12th Gen | 16 GB | Windows 11 | 512 GB SSD) ₹113839
Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 13 Laptop (13.3 Inch | Core i7 12th Gen | 16 GB | Windows 11 | 512 GB SSD) ₹127889

Is HP better than Acer?

Out of these two brands, HP are the better quality of the two. Whilst HP have been lacking behind the front runners in recent years, they’re still a better overall brand than Acer. HP laptops tend to have a lot of ports, so for those looking for a way to integrate their laptop with various devices, HP is a good choice.