How much should I pay for a discus fish?

How much should I pay for a discus fish?

Discus Fish for Sale Price List

Strain Name Size#2 (3.0 – 4.0 inches) Size#3 (4.5+ inches)
Blue Diamonds $85.00 $100.00
Turquoise Checkerboard $80.00 $90.00
Pigeon Blood $100.00
Tangerine $90.00 $110.00

How much do discus sell?

A quick search on the internet will yield that even small discus (2.0″ – 2.5″) will sell for no less than $50 online. Retail stores such PetCo and PetsMart will occasionally sell discus as well, but command even higher prices.

How much does a baby discus cost?

Product Name Price
AquaGreen Scribble Discus Fish – 2.5 inch $44.95 $27.95
Baby Blue Panda Discus Fish – 2.5 inch $34.95 $28.95
Blue Cobalt Mosaic Discus Fish – 2.5 inch $49.00 $27.95
Blue Snakeskin Discus Fish – 2.5 inch $49.95 $29.95

How many discus Can I put in a 75 gallon tank?

the general rule is 10 gals per fish for discus. your tank is fine for six. on wc’s, breeders do change a lot of water every day.

How many hours of light do discus need?

10 to 12 hours
Intense lighting can actually stress out discus fish and may harm the health of these delicate, expensive pets. However, despite their fondness for darkness, they do come from the tropics — so make sure they receive 10 to 12 hours of light a day.

What is the best fish to breed for money?

Guppies are without any shadow of a doubt THE fish to breed for profit. They are probably the best-selling fish in the world and they come in a kaleidoscope of colors. If you are serious about breeding guppies for profit, you need to set up a dedicated breeding tank.

How quickly do discus grow?

By raising the discus fish in these smaller tanks I achieve uniform and faster growth. A 2 ½ inch discus fish is only three months old when they are shipped to customers. The growth rate from 2 ½ inch to 4 inch keeping the fish in a small aquarium will only take four more months.

What type of water do discus need?

acidic water
Discus Water Requirements Discus prefer warm, soft, acidic water. pH should be between 6.0 and 7.0, with hardness between 1° and 4° dKH (18 to 70 ppm). Temperature should be kept between 82° and 86° F, although wild Heckel discus prefer water near 90° F.

How many discus is a 150?

Your tank even if planted, can eventually, & safely accommodate 12 to 15 good-sized discus, particularly if you don’t have a ‘multitude’ of other dither fish.

Can you keep discus at 80 degrees?

“Do not keep your discus in water under 85 degrees or THEY WILL DIE!” He must have accidentally sent me an arctic discus species, because even at 78 degrees, they’re completely fine. Quite a number of folks have breed them at 82F, clearly not too wimpy if they are breeding at such temps.

Are there any aquaculture programs for discus fish?

We have programs in aquaculture for Corals, Clownfish, Bergia, Orchid Dottyback, Cuttlefish, Blue Assessor and several other fish/corals. Discus Fish For Sale Near Me is probably one of the most common emails I receive from discus enthusiasts….

How much does a discus fish cost?

Quality discus fish range in price from $18 up to $150. You have to be careful when purchasing discus fish for less than $18. Usually very cheap discus fish are low quality. Low quality discus fish are stunted meaning that they are not perfectly round.

Do bottom dwelling fish get along with discus?

Bottom dwelling fish do well with discus because they do not interfere with the discus and do not compete against the discus for food. How long does a discus fish live? Under the proper conditions a discus fish can live around 6 years.

What is the wait time for a discus fish order?

Current wait time is approximately 3-4 weeks from the time an order is placed. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Welcome to the DiscusGuy Discus Fish Store where we have high quality Discus Fish for sale at wholesale prices delivered direct to your door.