How much space is needed around a fridge freezer?

How much space is needed around a fridge freezer?

Side Clearance – Plan for between one-half inch to one-inch of clearance on both sides of the unit. Rear Clearance – Allow between one to two inches of space at the rear of the refrigerator for proper airflow. Top Clearance – Ensure there is a minimum of one-half inch to one-inch of clearance on top of the unit.

What is Bosch perfect fit?

Bosch fridge freezers are typically either 60 or 70cms wide and most come designed with “perfect fit” styling that doesn’t require you to leave an air gap surrounding the appliance. This means you can maintain a sleek line even with freestanding fridge freezers.

How much room does a fridge need around it?

Measure the Ventilation Space Air must be able to circulate around the box to help the refrigerator run efficiently, avoid overheating and last its full life span. The refrigerator will need minimum clearances of 2-inches from the back wall, 1-inch from the upper cabinet and 1/8-inch on either side of the fridge.

Who makes Bosch fridge freezers?

Bosch still contracts Whirlpool refrigerators to manufacture its legacy models. We expect the legacy fridges to phase out soon. Therefore, we did not review these products in this article. As for apartment-size Bosch fridges, you will find the fit and finish of the 24-inch wide units to be very attractive.

What Colour is Bosch Inox?

Bosch Chrome Inox-metallic, Stainless Steel colour Refrigerators.

How far should a fridge stick out from counter?

Do Fridges Need Space Around Them? In short, the answer is yes. Your fridge will need about two inches of space away from the wall in the back to allow for air circulation. On the sides, you’ll want your fridge to have about 1/8 inch for a standard fridge and about 1 inch on each side for cabinet depth.

Can you put a counter depth refrigerator next to a wall?

Appliance says you need to take clearance into account. You should allow for a ½ inch to 1 inch of extra space between the refrigerator and side walls. Allow the same amount of clearance at the top. The refrigerator distance from the back wall should be a bit more, about 1 to 2 inches.

How big of an opening do I need for a 36 inch fridge?

The refrigerator opening must have minimum dimensions of 70″ high x 36-1/8″ wide x 24-1/2″ deep as shown at right. If there is an overhead cabinet, allow 1″ for cabinet door clearance with the top trim piece so the cabinet doors can be opened without hitting the top trim.