How to get a tradeskill EQ2?

How to get a tradeskill EQ2?

Grandmaster Service Quests At certain levels, you can do special tradeskill quests for the Grandmaster in your home city. These quests earn you tradeskill experience and might earn you a book of advanced recipes. A Service Quest is available at each tier of levels from the 20’s through the 60’s.

Where can I find mercenaries in EQ2?

Original Mercenaries

Zone Location Name
Qeynos Harbor Outside of Fish’s Alehouse and Inn Jennis Proudhilt
Qeynos Harbor Inside of Fish’s Alehouse and Inn Bildi Pieflinger
Qeynos Harbor Inside of Fish’s Alehouse and Inn Kyren Darkcloud
Qeynos Harbor Inside of Fish’s Alehouse and Inn Bdorn Alehammer

How many mercenaries can you hire in EQ2?

one mercenary
Only one mercenary can be active at the time.

Does race matter EQ2?

Race doesn’t matter that much. Some races have some “traditions” that you might find useful such as tracking. However, you can also get tracking from your class selection.

What can be transmuted eq2?

You can Transmute ALL Legendary GEAR (meaning Armor/Jewelry/Weapons) with the exception of a few random Quests, Heritage Quests and Signature Quest Reward items (ie: prismatic & claymore quests). MasterCrafted items: You can Transmute ALL MasterCrafted Armor/Jewelry/Weapons and Adept III spells.

How do you get familiars in eq2?

Familiars may be purchased from in-game vendors or the Marketplace, and sometimes familiars are dropped as loot (Familiar Cage) from slain monsters. You can access the Familiar window via a tab in your character UI.

How many expansions does EverQuest 2 have?

Eighteen full expansions for the MMORPG EverQuest II have been released, as well as three Adventure Packs.

How do you level tinkering?

You can gain skill in Tinkering even when crafting items that are trivial (greyed out), but the chance for a skill up is only like 20% then. It appears that there is no level limit to gaining skill. Your chances of gaining skill, however, will most likely be higher when crafting items closer to your level.

How do you level transmuting?

To level transmuting you just break stuff down. Near your skill level transmutes will give a 50% skill-up rate. Your (max level) is ((transmute skill) / 5 + 5). The top range is from (max level) down to (max level -10).

How do I see what expansions I have EQ2?

If it’s been a while since you played EverQuest II and you are just coming back, you might have forgotten what game features and entitlements you’ve been granted in EverQuest II. While you’re in-game, you can always type /show_account_features to see a localized listing all your in-game account features/grants.

What is the max level in EQ2?

It includes a new level cap of 70 for adventurers and artisans, new items and quests, new monsters to fight, alternate ways of advancing your character (achievement points) and the ability to increase a guild to level 50.

How do you become a tinkerer in eq2?

Becoming a Tinkerer One simply needs to already be at least a level 10 tradeskiller in any tradeskill, have the Echoes of Faydwer expansion, and visit a Tinkering Trainer or Master. The trainers can be found at: Karsh Cogsworth by the docks in Butcherblock Mountains.