How to get full house 25 player achievement?

How to get full house 25 player achievement?

Defeat Lady Deathwhisper with at least five different types of Cultists active at the time of her demise in 25-player mode.

How do you get the full house achievement?

Got the achievement tonight after lots of wipes. Best way to do it: Get your Deformed Fanatic, have someone (preferably DPS or a third tank if you can spare it) kite it. Once you get a Reanimated Fanatic and a Reanimated Adherent, have your OT hold them.

Can you solo portal jockey?

Easy to solo as a resto Druid. Just kill the first four mobs to start the encounter, then spam heal on Valithria before she spawns any portals.

How do you get once bitten twice shy?

The Ice Crown Citadel achievement Once Bitten, Twice Shy [10-man | 25-man] requires two separate kills of Blood-Queen Lana’thel on the same character. During her fight, she will cast Vampiric Bite on the non-tank with the highest threat at the time.

How do you get to Professor Putricide?

He is the final boss in the Plagueworks section of Icecrown Citadel, the first Icecrown wing to be unlocked. In order to reach his laboratory, players must first defeat Festergut and Rotface.

How do you get the portal jockey achievement?

Portal Jockey (25 player) is a dungeon & raids achievement earned for entering every portal spawned by Valithria Dreamwalker before healing her to full health on 25-player mode. You can also get this achievement by healing her to full health before she spawns any portals.

What is the saying once burned?

a bad experience makes you wary of the same thing happening again. This expression dates from the late 19th century. A variant common in the USA is once burned, twice shy .

How do you become a vampire in Icecrown?

Where is the Crimson Hall in ICC?

Icecrown Citadel
The Crimson Hall is an area inside the northern side of Icecrown Citadel. This section is the headquarters and home of the San’layn, the vampiric darkfallen blood elves in the service of the Scourge.