How wide is a Trigano Tribute?

How wide is a Trigano Tribute?

Trigano Tribute sizes

Spec Metres Centremetres
Length 5.49m 549 cm
Width 2.13m 213 cm
Height 2.9m 290 cm

How long is a Trigano Tribute 650?

6m long
Motorhome Summary This Trigano Tribute sleeps two, has three seatbelts, is 6m long and has a gross weight of 3300kg.

What companies are in the TRIGANO group?

Trigano Brands

  • Adria Motorhome Group.
  • ARCA Motorhome Group.
  • Auto-Sleeper Motorhome Group.
  • Auto-Trail Motorhome Group.
  • Autostar Motorhome Group.
  • Benimar Motorhome Group.
  • Challenger Motorhome Group.
  • Karmann-Mobil Motorhome Group.

What brands do TRIGANO own?

Trigano already owns British brands Auto-Trail, Roller Team and Tribute, as well as Chausson, Mobilvetta and Benimar, which are all sold in the UK. Auto-Sleepers is one of the UK’s oldest motorhome manufacturers building coachbuilts and campervans that are particularly appealing to the British market.

Do Chausson make caravans?

Discover our motorhome and caravan brands 1 in France. A well-known French brand, Chausson believes that a motorhome should reflect a lifestyle that is synonymous with passion. Prestigious and refined, these caravans meet the most demanding comfort and design criteria.

Where are TRIGANO caravans made?

TRIGANO VDL invites you to stop by its plant based in France at Tournon-sur-Rhône in the Ardèche department. Nearly 6,600 motorhomes and 4,000 caravans are produced there each year.

Who owns benimar motorhomes?

the Trigano Group
Benimar: A quick history By 2002, it was a market leader in Spain and big enough to be snapped up by the Trigano Group (which is a parent company of Auto-Sleepers and Marquis Leisure). Benimar vehicles are now sold in 25 countries worldwide, and the company produces 4000 models a year.

Where are Trigano caravans made?

Who manufactures Chausson motorhomes?

CHAUSSON is a brand of TRIGANO, the European leader in leisure vehicles. CHAUSSON is a well-known French brand with a rich history. CHAUSSON overcabs and low profiles are designed and manufactured by TRIGANO VDL at Tournon sur Rhône (Ardèche, France) in the heart of the Rhône Valley vineyards.

What companies are in the Trigano group?

What brands do Trigano own?

How tall is Trigano tribute?

2.13m 213 cm 6.9864 ft 83.8581 ” Height 2.9m 290 cm 9.512 ft 114.173 ” Trigano Tribute weights Weight Kgs

What are the features of a Trigano tribute motorhome?

Trigano Tribute Features Sleeping arrangements The 2005 Trigano Tribute will sleep 2 people. Travel arrangements 3 belted seats (the number of persons that can be accommodated in the motorhome whilst travelling) Food preparation and storage Fridge Outside Gas storage The Trigano Tribute has storage for 1 gas bottles.

How many gas bottles does the Trigano tribute have?

Gas storage The Trigano Tribute has storage for 1 gas bottles. Many motorhomes use LPG to power ovens, fridges, heaters and water heaters when the motorhome is not connected to mains electricity Note: where values are shown as 0 or TBA it’s because we have not yet found the data for this motorhome.

What features does the Trigano have to offer?

Another clever feature is the ability to use the kitchen tap as a shower head. The toilet space isn’t massive, but we had no problem with it. The Trigano came up trumps with a dressing room, situated at the rear of the ‘van alongside the washroom. It is created by opening the washroom door and then unclipping a panel.