Is Agnisakshi serial remake?

Is Agnisakshi serial remake?

Popular serial Agnisakshi, which was aired for over six years, has been remade in Marathi and will premiere on July 5.

What is the name of Agnisakshi serial heroine?

Vaishnavi GowdaSannidhi
Aishwarya SalimathTanuChitkala BiradarSumathiAnusha RaoRaadhikaSukrutha NaagAnjali

What is the meaning of Agnisakshi?

With Fire As Witness
Agnisakshi (meaning, With Fire As Witness) is a Malayalam novel written by Lalithambika Antharjanam.

What is the story of Agnisakshi serial?

The story is all about a homely girly ‘Sannidhi’, who gets married to a young easy-going, fun-loving businessman ‘Siddharth’. However, destiny had other plans for Sannidhi, as she learns that her husband is in love with another lady. Needless to say, as time progresses the duo fall in love and leads a happy life.

Is Aishwarya pisse married?

Kannada television actress, Aishwarya Pisse got hitched yesterday (July 15) to Hari Vinay. The couple had a grand wedding ceremony and the who’s who of the industry witnessed the wedding and showered their love to the newlyweds.

Is Agnisakshi a real story?

Agnisakshi was Lalithambika Antarjanam’s only novel. She was famous for her short stories and poems. She wrote this novel in her old age. It has become something of a classic in Malayalam fiction….Agnisakshi (novel)

Author Lalithambika Antharjanam
Publication date 1976
Published in English 1980
Pages 111

Who wrote Agnisakshi?

Lalithambika AntharjanamAgnisakshi / Author

Who wrote the novel Agnisakshi?

Who is Hari Vinay?

Hari Vinay is a lead actor in the Telugu film industry, coming from a cinema background. His sister Navya Swamy. is a famous daily soap actress. She got popularity for her role in Aame Katha.