Is an electric chainsaw any good?

Is an electric chainsaw any good?

Electric chainsaws are great for all your residential cutting, pruning, trimming, shaping, or simply for clearing branches. They’re safer and much healthier for the environment than a gas-powered chainsaw. These chainsaws are easier to operate and handle due to their lightweight.

What’s the best electric chainsaw you can buy?

Top 5 Electric Chainsaws

  • Best Battery-Powered Model: Milwaukee 16-Inch Chainsaw Kit.
  • Best for Small Projects: DEWALT 20-Volt MAX XR 12-Inch Chainsaw Kit.
  • Best Corded Model: Oregon CS1500 18-Inch Corded Electric Chainsaw.
  • Best Lightweight Model: Greenworks 12-Inch, 40-Volt Cordless Chainsaw.

Who make the best electric chainsaw?

The 9 Best Electric Chainsaws of 2022

  • EGO 18-Inch Cordless Chainsaw CS1800.
  • Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Cordless Chainsaw GCS80420.
  • BLACK + DECKER LCS1240 40-Volt Cordless.
  • Makita XCU08PT 14-inch Cordless Chainsaw.
  • WORX WG304.1 Chainsaw with 18-inch bar (corded)
  • Oregon CS300.
  • BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw CS1518.

How long do battery-powered chainsaws last?

about 30 to 40 minutes
How long will a battery-powered chainsaw last? A battery-powered chainsaw typically runs about 30 to 40 minutes with intermittent use depending on the battery’s size.

Can electric chainsaw cut trees?

Electric chainsaws are best used for sprucing up trees, trimming limbs, cutting small logs, and other cutting tasks around your home or yard.

Are electric chainsaws noisy?

With an average sound range of 90-102 decibels, electric chainsaws can’t exactly be called quiet. However, their sound range is 10-20 decibels lower than that of gas chainsaws. Because every 10 decibels represents a doubling of sound, this makes electric chainsaws two to three times quieter.

Can an electric chainsaw cut down a tree?

Although electric chainsaws are smaller and easier to carry, most lack the power and stamina to cut down large trees. If you have big trees on your property that you want to remove or cut into firewood, a gas model is your best bet. Electric chainsaws come in two types: corded and battery-powered.

Where are Stihl electric chainsaws made?

Stihl chainsaws are manufactured in the United States and China. The company has a facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Qingdao, China. “Made by STIHL” is a brand promise – no matter the location of production. Each chainsaw undergoes tried-and-tested STIHL quality control and high standards.

How do you maintain an electric chainsaw?

An Electric Chainsaw: A Guide to Storage and Maintenance

  1. Look for a Clean and Well-Ventilated Place.
  2. Properly Maintain the Wiring.
  3. Clean the Oil Level Window.
  4. Clean The guide Bar and guide bar nose.
  5. Clean The Chain.
  6. Check Chain Lubrication hole.
  7. Clean the carburetor.
  8. Clean the Air Filter.

How long does a Stihl battery chainsaw last?

Batteries and Power STIHL claims a 45-minute runtime with this saw and battery, but it’s hard to equate what runtime minutes mean with a chainsaw.

What can you cut with an electric chainsaw?

Can electric chainsaw cut large trees?

Powerful gas chainsaws are suitable for cutting down medium and large trees, while corded electric chainsaws or battery-powered chainsaws are great options for pruning branches or removing small trees.