Is Certina a good watch brand?

Is Certina a good watch brand?

Although not a luxury brand like Panerai and Breitling, Certina is a high-quality brand that provides an introduction to well made Swiss watches. I’d put them alongside other mid-range Swiss brands like Tissot and Hamilton.

Are vintage Certina watches any good?

These include scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass, a complicated system of seals to protect the stem and crown, as well as a reinforced case back. So to answer the question ‘are Certina watches good? ‘ I’d say you’re damn right they are. They’re well-built watches with high quality parts and Swiss craftsmanship.

Is Certina made in China?

All Certina watches – without exception – bear the “Swiss Made” seal of quality and origin, confirming their identity as authentic representatives of the fine art of Swiss watchmaking. The brand has been based in Switzerland since 1888 and remains deeply committed to its roots.

What does DS stand for Certina?

Double Security
Sixty years ago, Certina, established in 1888, launched the innovative “floating movement” engineering concept named DS, short for Double Security. The idea back in 1959 was to offer the most robust and water-resistant watch ever.

Is Longines better than Certina?

Certina Vs Longines: Final Conclusion Longines will appeal more to Swiss luxury purists. Longines has a more traditional take on Swiss luxury, and it can be argued that they have higher quality Swiss movements. Ultimately, the choice of which brand is “better” comes down to the individual.

How much does a Certina watch cost?

Prices at a Glance: Certina Watches

Model/Reference number Price (approx.)
DS-3 Super PH1000m, 919.1 4,500 USD
DS-2 Chronolympics, 8601 800 4,400 USD
DS Eagle Chronograph, C023.727.37.051.00 1,800 USD
DS-2 Chronograph Flyback, C024.618.11.051.02 950 USD

Is Certina owned by Tissot?

Both Certina and Tissot are two such entry level brands. They are also both owned by The Swatch Group.

Who owns Certina watch?

the Swatch group

Type Member of the Swatch group
Founded 1888 by Adolf & Alfred Kurth, in Grenchen, Switzerland
Headquarters Le Locle UNESCO World Heritage Site , Switzerland
Products Wristwatches, timing devices/systems
Parent The Swatch Group

What is certina double security?

In 1959, Certina introduced its ‘DS Concept’, standing for ‘double security’. This idea embodies the robust nature of the construction of its watches, which extends from the reinforced case to an intricate system of seals that protects the movement.

Is certina better than citizen?

Citizen is definitely better build quality but the Certina definitely looks better in this case.

Is Epos a luxury watch brand?

EPOS is an insider tip for many watch lovers. The company from the Swiss Vallée de Joux has long been considered one of the most underestimated manufacturers in the mid-price segment which is reason enough to take a closer look at EPOS. Read and discover the history of the company and the luxury watches from EPOS!