Is CyanogenMod still available?

Is CyanogenMod still available?

CyanogenMod (/saɪˈænoʊdʒɛnmɒd/ sy-AN-oh-jen-mod; CM) is a discontinued open-source operating system for mobile devices, based on the Android mobile platform.

What is cyanogen OS?

Cyanogen is an after-market operating system for mobile devices based on the Android platform. Cyanogen began as open-sourced CyanogenMod (or CM), created by developer Steve Kondik in 2009 and built out further by its online developer community.

How do I use CyanogenMod?

How to install CyanogenMod 13 on your Android phone

  1. CyanogenMod 13. Update: CyanogenMod will no longer be updated.
  2. Choose your smartphone.
  3. Browse for your make and model.
  4. Install Android Studio.
  5. Enable USB debugging.
  6. Unlock your device.
  7. Install TWRP.
  8. Install CyanogenMod 13.

What is cm in Android?

What is CM 14.1? CM 14.1 is simply the latest version of CyanogenMod, based on the Android 7.1 Nougat source code.

Is CyanogenMod org safe?

Security: The CyanogenMOD as it is, is secure and made more secure with SE Linux. The problem comes with it’s default root access state. The phone has a Super User access and any potential threat application can utilize this drawback.

What is CyanogenMod ROM?

CyanogenMod is a custom ROM for Android that was once the talk of the town. In its prime, you could find Cyanogen on millions of devices, each of which would enjoy a number of benefits over regular stock Android. In fact, it even came pre-loaded on a number of handsets, some of which are available to this day.

What is CyanogenMod file manager?

Simply put, CyanogenMod (CM for short) is a modified version of Android, based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The company calls CM an Android Community Operating System, because anyone can submit code for consideration and inclusion into the platform.

How do I uninstall CyanogenMod?


  1. Download, from the Google Play Store, and install “SuperSU”.
  2. Launch the app and go to “Settings”.
  3. Scroll down and locate, and tap, “Full unroot”.
  4. It will ask you to confirm that you really want to unroot your device.
  5. When it is done, the app will automatically close and then restart your device.

Is CyanogenMod APK safe?

The truth is somewhere in between: CyanogenMod and other popular ROMs are totally safe and stable. They’re well-supported operating systems that often receive more updates than the version of Android you have from Samsung or LG.

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How do I remove cyanogenmod from my phone?