Is dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland a good song?

Is dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland a good song?

About “Dilemma”. A hugely popular song from 2002 which appeared on both Nelly’s Nellyville and Kelly Rowland’s Simply Deep. This song is arguably the most successful, ‘biggest’ song of both Nelly’s career and Rowland’s solo career (aside from her featured vocals in David Guetta’s “When Love Takes Over”).

How did Nelly get the song Nellyville?

In 2002, after Nelly had finished recording Nellyville, an unknown St. Louis producer called Bam showed him an instrumental that sampled Patti LaBelle’s “Love, Need and Want You” (1983). “I heard the beat and started playing around with it, writing stuff,” Nelly said.

What was Nelly’s first thought after meeting Kelly Rowland?

“I thought, ‘Whoa, I need a girl for this!’” Having met Rowland the previous year on TRL, she was the first person Nelly had in mind for the female vocal. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Did Nelly finally answer the dilemma question we’ve been dying to know?

“Nelly Finally Answers The ‘Dilemma’ Question We’ve Been Dying To Know”. BET. Retrieved December 17, 2017. ^ a b Moss, Corey (August 8, 2002). “Nelly Planning Back-To-School Spectacular For U.S. Tour”.

What is the hook of the song Dilemma?

“Dilemma” includes a call and response with Rowland singing the hook, “No matter what I do / All I think about is you / Even when I’m with my boo / Boy, you know I’m crazy over you”, while Nelly responds with the line, “Check it, check it, check it, uh”.

What album is dilemma by Nelly on?

For the Band-Maid song, see Conqueror (Band-Maid album). ” Dilemma ” is a song by American rapper Nelly, featuring American singer Kelly Rowland. It was released on June 25, 2002, as the second single from Nelly’s second studio album, Nellyville (2002), and as the first single from Rowland’s debut solo studio album, Simply Deep (2002).