Is Full Moon a good brand for dogs?

Is Full Moon a good brand for dogs?

These are my Dogs favorite. They are made from human grade chicken and made in the U.S.A He has never had any negative affects like he has had from the previous brands that were made in China.

Is Full Moon Dog Treats Made in USA?

U.S.-GROWN CHICKEN: Full Moon treats are proudly made in the United States using regionally sourced ingredients, including USDA approved, antibiotic-free chicken.

Is Full Moon chicken strips good for dogs?

Every bite begins with USDA-approved, human-grade meat— cooked in gleaming kitchens using only 100% natural ingredients—and ends with a satisfied pup. Each of our healthy snacks, like Full Moon Chicken Strips, are free of artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors and full of things dogs love.

Do Full Moon Dog treats need to be refrigerated?

These treats do not require refrigeration. To maximize shelf life, it’s advisable to store them in a cool, dry place.

Are Full Moon Dog Treats grain free?

Plus, they’re grain free and cooked in small batches for maximum quality. All the human grade goodies they deserve, no strings attached.

What does human grade dog treats mean?

The legal definition of a human grade pet food is: “Every ingredient and the resulting product are stored, handled, processed, and transported in a manner that is consistent and compliant with regulations for good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for human edible foods as specified in 21 CFR 117.”

How many chicken feet should a dog have?

How Many Chicken Feet Should I Give to my Dog? Depending on the diet and the size of your dog, we recommend giving them between one to three feet per day. Please always observe your dog when feeding any chews. Also ensure that your canine has access to plenty of fresh water.

How many calories are in a full moon dog treat?

46 calories
Moisture (max) 22.0% 46 calories per treat.

Can I put dog treats in the fridge?

To be safe, meat treats should be stored in the refrigerator 3-4 days, much like your own leftovers. If you have more treats than three or four days worth, transfer part of them to the freezer, taking out and thawing treats as you need them.