Is Getz a good car?

Is Getz a good car?

very responsive, excellent built up quality, low engine sound, comfortable to drive both on highways & city roads, best pickup-the car picks up the acceleration very quick enough…,Gearbox is sweet & very smooth compared to INDICA VISTA, SWIFT & ETIOS LIVA, Well I’ve driving my getz for last 3yrs & covered 51000kms & …

What is the mileage of Hyundai Getz?

The Hyundai Getz mileage is 15.3 to 16.8 kmpl. The Manual Petrol variant has a mileage of 16.8 kmpl.

Which is better Santro or Getz?

CarWale brings you comparison of Hyundai Santro Xing [2008-2015] and Hyundai Getz [2004-2007]….Specifications and Finance.

1086 cc, 4 Cylinders Inline, 3 Valves/Cylinder, SOHC 1341 cc, 4 Cylinders Inline, 3 Valves/Cylinder
Max Power (bhp@rpm)(Know More)
62 bhp @ 5500 rpm 83@5500
Max Torque (Nm@rpm)(Know More)

What is the engine capacity of Hyundai Getz?

1341 cc
Getz Prime Specs, Features and Price The Hyundai Getz Prime has 1 Diesel Engine and 2 Petrol Engine on offer. The Diesel engine is 1493 cc while the Petrol engine is 1086 cc and 1341 cc . It is available with Manual & Automatic transmission.

Why did Hyundai Getz fail?

In India, the car was discontinued due to falling demand as compared to the warm response received by the i20 and the introduction of the new Euro 4 emission norms from May 2010. In mid-2011, the Click was replaced in the South Korean market by the Hyundai Accent WIT.

What problems does a Hyundai Getz have?

Hyundai Getz Common Problems and Solutions

  • Jerky Acceleration. Problem:
  • Locked Rear Door Window. Problem:
  • Stiff Gear Changes. Problem:
  • Rumbling noise from wheels. Problem:
  • Suspension problems. Problem:
  • Poor starting. Problem:
  • Engine ticking noise. Problem:
  • Car Vibrates When In Neutral. Problem:

How many Litres is a Hyundai Getz?

Hyundai Getz 1.6i Fuel Consumption (Economy), Emissions and Range
Fuel Consumption – Economy – City: 7.6 L/100km 37 mpg UK / 31 mpg US
Range : 737 Km or 458 miles
Fuel Tank Capacity : 45 L 9.9 UK gallons 11.9 US gallons
CO2 emissions : 145 g/Km (Hyundai)

What replaced the Hyundai Getz?

With the exit of the Getz and the introduction of the Accent, the company now has a full five-star safety rating on all of its passenger vehicle fleet. “We’re not concerned with leaving the bottom of the market,” Lee says.

Do Hyundai Getz give trouble?

Hyundai Getz 2008: Are there any problems? The Getz is a good, solid, and reliable car with no major flaws that should cause you any concern. The automatic transmission is a regular one, not a CVT.

Is a Honda better than a Hyundai?

In contrast, all Hyundai hybrid models are excellent in quality. Honda is considered the best in both the small and medium car categories. In addition, the used Honda CR-V outperforms the used Hyundai Tucson in the compact SUV category….Model Comparison.

Honda CR-V Hyundai Tucson
Cargo volume (ft³) 39.2 31

Why Hyundai Getz discontinued?

India’s second largest car maker Hyundai has decided to phase out its Hatchback car Getz. Getz was the first premium hatchback but is not inspiring any customer to buy the car, because its own sibling i20 has got more features and more premium than Getz.

How many Litres does a Hyundai Getz have?

This engine produces a maximum power of 106 PS (105 bhp – 78 kW) at 5800 rpm and a maximum torque of 144 Nm (106 lb….

Hyundai Getz 1.6i Fuel Consumption (Economy), Emissions and Range
Range : 737 Km or 458 miles
Fuel Tank Capacity : 45 L 9.9 UK gallons 11.9 US gallons