Is Honda FR v good car?

Is Honda FR v good car?

They’re usually very well looked after and this, coupled with Honda’s reputation for mechanical reliability, makes the FR-V one of the best mini-MPV used buys around.

What are the most common problems with a used Honda FR V MPV?

Honda FR-V Common Problems and Solutions

  • Lots Of Smoke From Exhaust. Problem:
  • Juddering While Idle. Problem:
  • Noisy AC Pump. Problem:
  • Brake disc failure. Problem:
  • Excessive tyre wear. Problem:
  • High oil consumption. Problem:
  • Heavy fuel consumption. Problem:
  • Engine management warning light. Problem:

Is Honda FRV chain or belt?

timing chain
Honda advised me a while ago that the FR-V has a timing chain so you shouldn’t ever have to change it as you would with a timing belt. The middle sit in the front folds down, but I tend to leave mine up all the time.

When did Honda stop making the FR-V?

The Honda FR-V, marketed as the Honda Edix in Japan, is a six-passenger compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that was manufactured by Honda from 2004-2009 (with marketing ending in 2011 in some regions), over a single generation.

How heavy is a Honda FRV?

The Honda FR V 2.0 weighs 1457 Kg / 3212 lbs.

What is a Honda FRV?

The FR-V – the letters stand for Flexible Recreational Vehicle – seats six in two rows of three, as with the Fiat Multipla.

What replaced the Honda FR-V?

The Honda Skydeck is a design study for a replacement to the FR-V and showcases the company’s future design language. Like the FR-V, it’s a six-seater, but with three rows of two seats rather than two rows of three.

Do Honda still make the FR-V?

Honda’s FR-V MPV is to be phased out, the company has announced. Production of the six-seater will be stopped this summer, with the last Honda FR-V expected to roll off the Japanese Suzuka production line in August.

What is Honda famous for?

While Honda is a world leader in producing motorcycles, the bulk of the company’s annual sales comes from automobiles, which the company began manufacturing in 1963. Among its lightweight, fuel-efficient passenger cars have been the popular Civic and Accord models.

What is a Honda FR-V?