Is Isabela near Manila?

Is Isabela near Manila?

The distance between Manila and Isabela is 288 km. The road distance is 445.9 km.

How many barangay are there in San Mariano Isabela?

36 barangays
San Mariano is politically subdivided into 36 barangays.

What are the 3 cities in Isabela?

Isabela is the 10th richest province in the Philippines as of 2011. The province has four trade centers in the cities of Ilagan, Cauayan, Santiago and the municipality of Roxas.

What is Isabela known for Philippines?

The Province of Isabela is also known as ‘The Queen Province of the North’, ‘Top Corn Producer of the Philippines’ and ‘Rice Bowl of the North’. ​It is also known as one of the premier province in the north and most progressive in the country.

How long is bus from Manila to Isabela?

You can travel from Metro Manila to different cities and towns in Isabela Province. Below is the schedule of bus trips from Manila to Isabela. The travel time is around 8-10 hours and the fare is around Php700-900 depending on the type of bus and your destination.

How many cities are there in Isabela?

3 cities
Isabela has 34 municipalities and 3 cities. The total number of barangays in the province is 1,055.

What is the largest municipality in the Philippines?

The country has 1,488 municipalities as of 2020. The three largest municipalities in terms of population size were all located in the province of Rizal. The largest one was the municipality of Rodriguez (Montalban) with 443,954 persons, followed by Taytay (386,451 persons), and Cainta (376,933 persons).

Is Isabela rural or urban?

Isabela has 45 barangays, 19 of which are classified as urban and 26 rural based on current PSA data. Eight (8) barangays are located in Malamawi Island and an islet which is part of Balatanay, while the rest of the 37 barangays are in the mainland. Of the barangays in the mainland, 12 are coastal communities.

What is the capital of Isabela?

Among the 35 municipalities and two cities in Isabela, Ilagan, the capital of the province, was the largest in terms of population size with 119,990 persons or 9.32 percent of the total population of the province. This was followed by the City of Santiago (8.58 percent) and Cauayan (8.07 percent).

Is Isabela urban or rural?

The city has a total land area spanning 22,507.6790 hectares (225.076790 Isabela has 45 barangays, 19 of which are classified as urban and 26 rural based on current PSA data.

What is the capital city of Isabela?

Is Isabela a city?

Isabela, officially known as the City of Isabela (Chavacano: Ciudad de Isabela; Tausūg: Dāira sin Isabela; Yakan: Suidad Isabelahin; Tagalog: Lungsod ng Isabela), is a 4th class component city and de facto capital of the province of Basilan, Philippines.

What is the population of San Mariano in Isabela?

In the 2020 census, the population of San Mariano, Isabela, was 60,124 people, with a density of 41 inhabitants per square kilometre or 110 inhabitants per square mile. Legend has it that San Mariano was once a barrio of Ilagan, the capital city of the province of Isabela.

Where is San Mariano in the Philippines?

Location within the Philippines. San Mariano, officially the Municipality of San Mariano, is a 1st class municipality in the province of Isabela, Philippines.

How many barangays are there in San Mariano?

San Mariano is politically subdivided into 36 barangays. Of the total land area of the municipality, built-up area constitutes 1,268 hectares or 0.86 percent with the Poblacion as the largest and most densely populated built-up area. Open grasslands occupy a total area of approximately 20,700 hectares representing about 14.09 percent.

What is the land area of San Mariano?

San Mariano has a total land area of 146,950 hectares (363,100 acres). It constitutes 13.78 percent of the total land area of the province, and is the province’s largest and the country’s third largest municipality. The municipality lies in the eastern part of the province of Isabela.