Is LEC the same as CMH?

Is LEC the same as CMH?

What is the difference between LEC Grow Lights and CMH grow lights? There are no differences between LEC (light emitting ceramic) grow lights and CMH (ceramic metal halide) grow lights. They are simply two different acronyms that have been adopted to describe high intensity discharge ceramic metal halide lighting.

Is LED or LEC better?

Temperature: LEC lights produce up to 6 ºC less than sodium bulbs, but LED’s can lower the temperature an extra 3-6 ºC. Both options are excellent for hot areas, but LEDs are more likely to promote a larger yield.

What does LEC light stand for?

Light Emitting Ceramic
What Does Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) Mean? Light emitting ceramic (LEC) halide lights are used in indoor gardening applications to provide a wider spectrum of light than is possible with conventional fluorescent bulbs. They also reduce energy costs at the same time.

What’s better LED or CMH?

LED bulbs last 50,000 hours compared to 20,000 for CMH. If you are planning for obsolescence and want the greatest yield ROI within 1-2-year time frame, choose CMH. And even if you keep your grow space past 5 years, don’t worry, CMH’s provide a greater gram per watt due to their higher PPF and canopy penetration.

How long do LEC bulbs last?

While incandescent light bulbs were built to last around 1,000 hours, the most enduring LED light fixtures have been tested to last as long as 100,000 hours. On average LED light bulbs will not have to be changed for at least 20 years.

Is LED better than HPS?

LED grow lights are more energy efficient. They produce the same amount of light as HPS lights but consume substantially less energy. LED grow lights do not produce as much heat as HPS lights, avoiding the need for additional ventilation or airflow systems.

How long do CMH bulbs last?

Longer Lasting Ceramic arc tubes are more resistant to breakdown, so they last a lot longer than MH and HPS bulbs. In fact, CMH grow lights tend to last over 24,000 hours while keeping at least 80% of their original intensity at the 20,000-hour mark.

What is a CMH grow light?

What is a CMH Grow Light? As its name suggests, a ceramic metal halide grow light uses a ceramic arc tube as opposed to a standard MH grow light, which uses a standard quartz arc tube. This stronger arc tube material helps the CMH bulb operate at a much higher pressure than the average MH bulb.

Can you flower with CMH?

Generally, MH bulbs tend to be heavy on the blue, and HPS on the red side, which is why many growers who want the perfect canopy combine both technologies. CMH may still be combined with HPS for an added boost on the red spectrum which benefits flowering crops so much.

Is CMH cooler than HPS?

CMHs Run Cooler than HPS Lights — Another benefit of CMH lights over HPS bulbs is that they produce less heat. This makes sense, considering the fact that they generate less lumens. Even a 630w CMH light will run cooler than a 600w HPS bulb.