Is Reverend Jasper Williams still living?

Is Reverend Jasper Williams still living?

Williams, 76, who has known the Franklin family for decades, said he started working on the eulogy shortly before the talented singer, composer and musician died of pancreatic cancer on Aug. 16.

Where is Jasper Williams from?

Jasper Williams Jr. were born in Memphis, living on the same block as kids. “My uncle, my father, and Franklin’s family lived on Lucy St., which is the street that Aretha was born on,” Rev. Williams, 75, recalled in an Atlanta press conference on Sunday.

How old is Rev Jasper Williams?

Williams, 70, is widely known for his delivery style of preaching, called hooping.

Who is Rev Jasper Williams?

Jonathan Landrum Jr. ATLANTA — A fiery, old-school pastor who is under fire for saying black America is losing “its soul” at Aretha Franklin’s funeral stands firm by his words with the hopes that those critics can understand his perspective. Rev.

Who gave the eulogy at Aretha Franklin funeral?

The Rev. Jasper Williams Jr.
at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. The Rev. Jasper Williams Jr., senior pastor of Salem Baptist Church, delivered Franklin’s eulogy at her funeral at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple on Friday.

Who preached Aretha Franklin funeral?

Rev. Jasper Williams Jr.

Who preached Rev CL Franklin funeral?

Joseph L. Williams
Joseph L. Williams asked his father how it felt to preach the funeral of Franklin, who died of pancreatic cancer Aug. 16 at age 76. His father called it a privilege to preach at the funeral of the daughter of C.L.

What does a preacher say at a funeral?

The priest may say: “Receive the Lord’s blessing. The Lord bless you and watch over you. The Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you. The Lord look kindly on you and give you peace; In the Name of the Father, and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit.”Congregation: ” Amen.”

Who did the eulogy at Aretha Franklin’s funeral?

The expansive funeral ceremony of Aretha Franklin on Friday was befitting of the Queen of Soul. But it wasn’t without controversy. There was a major backlash on social media to the funeral eulogy given by Rev. Jasper Williams Jr.

What should you not say at a funeral?

Seven Things You Should Never Say at Funerals

  • “He/She Deserved to Die”
  • “It Could be Worse”
  • “It was Destiny”
  • “Everything Happens for a Reason”
  • “At Least…”
  • “You’re Still Young”
  • “It’s Better…”

What should you not say in a eulogy?

Here are some things to avoid mentioning in your eulogy speech.

  • Focusing on cause of death.
  • Faults/shortcomings.
  • Old hurts.
  • Grudges.
  • Past arguments/disagreements.
  • Family rifts.
  • Bad memories.
  • Unhealthy rivalries.