Is Santa Monica a nice beach?

Is Santa Monica a nice beach?

Santa Monica is among the LA area’s best beaches. From stunning sunsets to the picturesque pier at night… from families and friends playing… to tightrope walkers practicing. Something for everyone. And a plus – having public restrooms as well as dining nearby like Perry’s at the beach.

Is Santa Monica Pier or Venice Beach better?

Santa Monica Beach vs Venice Beach It is better to visit Venice Beach at daytime. Santa Monica beach caters to upscale tourists. Venice beach has a mixture of people including various performers (acrobats, singers, etc.) surfers, skateboarders, budget tourists, and locales.

How close is Santa Monica to the beach?

Venice Beach is the nearest beach spot from Santa Monica, a mere 11-minute drive.

Is Santa Monica worth visiting?

The Santa Monica Beach Not only is the beach a popular tourist destination (thanks in large part to the pier), locals love it, too, since it’s easy to get to from downtown and other parts of LA. And it’s walking distance to plenty of restaurants and shops. The beach is split into two parts: north and south of the pier.

What beach is better Santa Monica or Malibu?

If you want to experience a bit more of a laid-back vibe with more budget options for lodging, Santa Monica is the better choice of California beach town. Malibu will appeal to vacationers seeking a more upscale vibe, as well as a much longer and more varied stretch of coastline.

Is Santa Monica Beach safe to swim?

Of course you can swim at the beach in Santa Monica. The water will be cold (the Pacific is a very cold ocean, in the low – mid 60s), but you can swim there. The water quality at the Pier often gets a low rating, but SM beach is many miles long, so you don’t have to swim at the Pier itself.

Is Malibu or Santa Monica better?

Is Venice cheaper than Santa Monica?

Cost of living – Of the two, Santa Monica is slightly less expensive than Venice. Naturally, prices depend on proximity to the beach as well as other factors like size, location, and quality.

Why is Santa Monica so popular?

The blend of Santa Monica’s natural beauty, award winning dining, incomparable hotel collection and famed shopping options, all on one of California’s most iconic stretches of shoreline, creates a truly unforgettable seaside destination.

What is the nicest beach in LA?

14 Top-Rated Beaches in Los Angeles, CA

  1. Santa Monica. Santa Monica.
  2. Malibu. Malibu.
  3. Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach.
  4. Redondo Beach. Redondo Beach.
  5. Playa del Rey. Playa del Rey.
  6. Venice Beach. Venice Beach.
  7. Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach.
  8. Long Beach. Long Beach.

Is Manhattan Beach better than Santa Monica?

Manhattan Beach has a bit more of a small town feel to it – feels a little bit less urban than Santa Monica. Its walkable, lots of shops and restaurants but no huge central mall like the 3rd St. Promenade and the pier is only a pier – no carnival etc.

Is Santa Monica or Santa Barbara Better?

If you just want to relax without a lot of sightseeing, I’d go with Santa Barbara. Santa Monica is more of a “city on the beach” that still experiences the hustle and bustle of LA, while Santa Barbara is more of a relaxed beach town.