Is School Library Journal peer reviewed?

Is School Library Journal peer reviewed?

School Libraries Worldwide is the official professional and research journal of the International Association of School Librarianship. It is a refereed, peer-reviewed journal, published twice yearly, in January and July and is available online only on the IASL web portal.

What organization publishes the School Library Journal?

Media Source Inc.
School Library Journal

Categories Professional library practice for young people
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Media Source Inc.
Year founded 1954
Country USA

Is School Library Journal free?

School Library Journal Offers Free Full Access to Content, Digitized Magazines. School Library Journal is offering free access to digitized editions of SLJ, as well as all content on its website, including reviews.

Is Quest peer reviewed?

Quest Journal of Management and Social Sciences (QJMSS) is a double-blind peer reviewed scholarly journal devoted to publishing high-quality papers using multidisciplinary approaches with a strong emphasis on emerging issues of business, economics, communication, management, finance, administration, English and social …

How often is Library Journal released?

20 per year
Library Journal is an American trade publication for librarians….Library Journal.

Frequency 20 per year
Founder Frederick Leypoldt
Year founded 1876
Company Media Source Inc.
Country United States

Is the Library Journal credible?

A trusted and respected publication for the library community, Library Journal certainly has the potential for an LIS author to reach a wide audience. Since the journal reaches out to public, academic, and special libraries, there are a multitude of articles that could possibly be written for this publication.

Who published Library Journal?

Media Source Inc.School Library Journal / Publisher

How do I get my book reviewed by the Library Journal?

Email to: Your submission email should list: book title; author(s); ISBN; date of publication; publisher; imprint; format; price; and number of pages.

What does a teacher librarian do?

The role of the Teacher-Librarian is to create a positive, engaging learning environment in the library. The teacher-librarian is there to assist students, teachers, parents, and administrators in developing information literacy skills.

What is Library Media Connection?

Library Media Connection delivers the insight, answers and encouragement school librarians need to transform their libraries into thriving hubs for 21st century learning and teaching.