Is Shakespeare still relevant for students in the twenty first century?

Is Shakespeare still relevant for students in the twenty first century?

As long as human beings survive, Shakespeare’s relevance is timeless because he has a better understanding of the human psyche than any other writer. He wrestles with the most complex themes imaginable: murder, love, ambition, betrayal, revenge, and hatred.

How old is Ophelia supposed to be?

She is often portrayed as being 19 years old (like Kate Winslet in the 1996 Kenneth Branagh movie). She is certainly of an age where her father is probably beginning to think about marrying her off, which I think would probably be in the 16–19 range.

How long does it take to teach Romeo and Juliet?

To read and truly understand the entire text of Romeo and Juliet, while practicing distinct reading and writing skills, could take between 6 months and a year!

Why Romeo and Juliet should not be taught in schools?

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play should not be taught or even lectured in schools because of its lack of theme and confusing Old-English from the 1500’s. Plays written in the 1500’s or known as old-English can be very confusing to understand.

Why do schools read Romeo and Juliet?

The great story by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, an overall great story, should be read in school because it helps step students out of their comfort zone and it helps to understand more complex pieces of literature in life. Romeo and Juliet help people comprehend more complex things in life.

Did Romeo and Juliet attend school?

It is likely, then, that both Romeo and Juliet were formally schooled in the basic subjects of reading, writing, and mathematics. In addition, they are likely also privately tutored in the arts, things like painting or singing, as well as fencing, dancing and etiquette.

Is Romeo and Juliet outdated?

The language found in Romeo and Juliet is very old-fashioned and obsolete. In fact, “Shakespeare wrote over 400 years ago (Why It’s Time to Give the Bard the Heave-Ho!, 4).” Although it is an impressive amount of time, most of his plays, like Romeo and Juliet, are aging.