Is Shammi Thilakan son of Thilakan?

Is Shammi Thilakan son of Thilakan?

Shammi is the second son of veteran actor Thilakan and his partner, Santha. Born on 20’th May 1971 at Pathanamthitta district. He has two brothers, Shaji Thilakan and Shoby Thilakan, a half brother, Shibu Thilakan, and two half sisters, Sonia Thilakan and Sophia Ajith.

Who is Thilakan wife?

Leela Thilakanm.?–2012
Shanta Thilakan

What was Thilakan issue with Amma?

On February 10, 2010 the then AMMA secretary Edavela Babu sent a letter to Thilakan. In this letter, it was stated that the actor had been spreading lies and defaming AMMA, as well as hurting the sentiments of the members of the body.

Is Thilakan dead?

September 24, 2012Thilakan / Date of death

Who is the elder son of thilakan?

Shaji Thilakan
56-year-old Shaji Thilakan was the eldest of the three sons of actor Thilakan and his partner Santha.

Who is the elder son of Thilakan?

What is the age of Sreenivasan?

66 years (April 6, 1956)Sreenivasan / Age

Why was Thilakan banned from movies?

THIRUVANATHAPURAM: Veteran Malayalam actor Thilakan was Monday suspended from the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) for “indiscipline” after his tirade against the association and other senior actors.

Was Thilakan married?


What nationality is Shammi Prasad?

Shammi Prasad Quick Info

Real Name Shammi Prasad
Birth Place Australia, Brisbane
Age 28 years old
Birth Sign Aquarius
Nationality Australian

What happened to Jayden from Shammi?

Shammi Prasad Brother’s Health Status. Jayden Prasad, the younger brother of Shammi Prasad, a well-known social media influencer, appears to be in ill health right now. Jayden, 25, was seen on his Instagram story on March 2nd, posting a photo of himself in a hospital bed.