Is SpanishDict translator free?

Is SpanishDict translator free?

Mobile App If you’re heading out on a trip to a Spanish-speaking country, or you’d prefer to look up words from your smartphone or tablet while studying or reading a book in Spanish, we recommend downloading the free SpanishDict app. The app is available for both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices.

What Juntos mean?

juntos, (unidosreunidos) altogether, Adv. together, Mod. combined, Adj. with each other, Mod.

How do you translate Hacienda?

A hacienda is a large ranch or plantation, especially in a Spanish-speaking country.

Is there a free English to Spanish app?

Google Translate In most cases, Google Translate is your go-to choice when looking to translate Spanish to English.

Is there a free Spanish translation app?

Google Translate is one of the best all-round translation apps on the market. The app can detect more than 100 languages and provide offline translations to 59 languages. With their Word Lens feature, you can translate text on signs from 37 languages.

Is Punto a word?

Yes, punto is in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you use Junto?

Junto sentence example

  1. He entered the Junto of Rome in 1848 and was elected deputy by Viterbo to the national assembly.
  2. As an ultra Federalist – he was a prominent member of the group known as the Essex Junto – he strongly opposed the purchase of Louisiana and the war of 1812.

When was hacienda abolished?

Haciendas in the Caribbean were developed primarily as sugar plantations, dependent on the labor of African slaves imported to the region, were staffed by slaves brought from Africa. In Puerto Rico, this system ended with the abolition of slavery on 22 March 1873.

What makes a house an hacienda?

Hacienda homes usually have a courtyard with a fountain. Hacienda style homes feature a courtyard that adds grandeur and outdoor privacy to a residence. Traditionally, the courtyard was placed in the center of the home to allow owners to cook indoors or outdoors.