Is the BahnCard 25 worth it?

Is the BahnCard 25 worth it?

BahnCard 25 is certainly the best choice for travellers. It costs 125 Euro for 1st class and 62 Euro for 2nd class travels. You’ll get 25 % discount on all standard train tickets and long-distance saver fares for one year. So when you book 3 to 90 days in advance you can save a lot of money.

What is the difference between BahnCard 25 and 50?

Save 50% on German Train Tickets with BahnCard 50 The BahnCard 50 gives 50% discounts on normal train fares (Flexpreise) but only 25% on other discounted prices. It has the same further advantages as the Bahncard 25 and thus works best for travelers covering longer distances on standard fare tickets.

Is Bayern Ticket valid in Nuremberg?

The Bayern Ticket is also valid for travel on almost all buses and trams in Bavaria including all transportation in major cities such as Munich (München), Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Augsburg, and Regensburg.

Is Bayern Ticket valid for whole weekend?

The Bavaria Ticket is valid Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 am the next day. At the weekend and on public holidays (including Ascension Day) as well as on the 24th and 31th of December you can use your Bavaria Ticket starting at midnight.

How do I pay my BahnCard?

Your payment options on During the booking process, you can choose whether you would like to pay by credit card, PayPal, giropay or SEPA direct debit. You can find more information in advance on which payment option is right for you on this page.

Can I use German Rail Pass on S Bahn?

The German Rail Pass is generally not valid on municipal buses or U-Bahn trains in cities (but S-Bahn trains are covered). Seat reservations are generally not required on German trains but a good idea on longer journeys.

When can I cancel my BahnCard?

Your BahnCard is automatically renewed for a year unless you cancel it in writing at least 6 weeks before it is due to expire. You can cancel your card in writing up to 6 weeks before it is due to expire. If you do not cancel your card, it automatically becomes an annual subscription.

Which trains can you take with Bayern Ticket?

Bayern-Ticket The ticket allows up to 5 adults traveling together to use unlimited all regional trains in Bavaria for one day. It is valid on all regional trains in 2nd class. Regional trains are all trains with the designating letters RB, RE, IRE, ALX, S-Bahn, BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn), M (Meridian), BRB und BLB.

Does Bayern Ticket include Salzburg?

*The BayernTicket and Salzburg The answer is yes, yes you can! The Bayern Ticket covers the Meridian Train that takes you from Munich to Salzburg and is one of the few exceptions where you can use the Bayern Ticket outside of Bavaria.

Does Bayern Ticket include U Bahn?

The regional day ticket for Bavaria and regional night ticket for Bavaria are valid on the following services in Bavaria: All local trains operated by rail companies (e.g. DB’s RE and RB trains, non-DB trains) All transport association services (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams, buses) Almost all scheduled bus services in Bavaria.

Is Bayern Ticket valid in ice?

The Bayern Ticket and the Bayern Ticket Nacht are NOT valid on: ICE Trains.

Are the trains in Germany free?

Public transportation is not currently free in Germany, although this is something the government are considering as a way to help combat air pollution. It is, however, heavily subsidized, and the cost of the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, trams, and buses in major cities is very cheap compared to London, Paris, and Zurich.

Was kostet eine Bahncard?

Valid for one year. Try out a BahnCard for 3 months and get 25% or 50% off flexible and saver fares within Germany. Or use a BahnCard 100 for flexible, unlimited travel without tickets. From EUR 17.90. For frequent travellers. 50% off flexible fares and 25% off super saver and saver fares within Germany. For as little as EUR 234 for one year.

Was ist das Bayern-Ticket?

Das Bayern-Ticket ist ein Angebot für Einzelpersonen und Gruppen, die einen Tag lang günstig durch Bayern reisen möchten. Sie dürfen diese Tickets, neu oder benutzt, nicht weiterverkaufen oder verschenken. Darum ist das Bayern-Ticket nur gültig, wenn die Namen und Vornamen aller reisenden Personen auf dem Ticket eingetragen sind.

Kann ich ein Bayern-Ticket umtauschen oder erhalte ich ein BahnCard-Rabatt?

Das Bayern-Ticket gilt montags bis freitags von 9 bis 3 Uhr des Folgetages. An Feiertagen und am Wochenende ist es bereits ab 0 Uhr bis 3 Uhr des Folgetages gültig. Zur Buchung ᐅ Kann ich ein Bayern-Ticket umtauschen oder erhalte ich BahnCard-Rabatt? Nein, ein Bayern-Ticket kann nicht umgetauscht oder zurückgegeben werden.

Welche Züge kann ich mit dem Bayern-Ticket nutzen?

ᐅ Welche Züge kann ich mit dem Bayern-Ticket nutzen? Mit einem Bayernticket können die meisten Regionalzüge der Deutschen Bahn und der privaten Bahnunternehmen im Freistaat genutzt werden – etwa RB, RE, Meridian, BOB, BRB oder BLB.