Is the Defiant in Star Trek Online?

Is the Defiant in Star Trek Online?

We’re excited to announce three new Tier 6 starships. The first is an enhanced version of the Tactical Escort Retrofit, called the Valiant Class Tactical Escort [T6]. This starship is available for Starfleet players at Vice Admiral rank.

How many decks does the U.S.S. Defiant have?

The Defiant class had four decks. Doug Drexler based the deck plans in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual (foldout) on his master systems display, seen in “The Adversary” and many later episodes.

Does the Defiant have a holodeck?

Inside, the Defiant is relatively spartan by Starfleet standards of the time: the ship is not designed to carry family members, has no science labs or holodecks, and has a limited infirmary.

How big is a DS9 Defiant?

Specifications. Defiant-class vessels crewed 50 officers and crew, with room for a maximum of 150 in evacuation situations. The Defiant vessels weighed 355,000 metric tons, measured 170.68 meters in length, 134.11 meters in width and 30.1 meters in height.

How do I explore my ship in Star Trek Online?

Access and navigation. You can access your currently selected ship interior by selecting the down arrow to the bottom right of the minimap and clicking “Visit Starship Bridge”. From the bridge the player is allowed to do the following; Bridge Invitations: The player is allowed to invite other players to visit the ship.

Does the USS Defiant have a shuttle bay?

Although the Defiant was never explicitly referred to as having a launch bay, it shares similarities with the launch bays of the NX-class. The script of “Call to Arms” states that the room where Chief O’Brien was working on the mines was the Defiant’s launch bay.

Is the holodeck real?

The Holodeck is a fictional device from the television franchise Star Trek which uses “holograms” (projected light and electromagnetic energy which create the illusion of solid objects) to create a realistic 3D simulation of a real or imaginary setting, in which participants can freely interact with the environment as …

Is the food on the holodeck real?

When you’re on the holodeck and you eat, the computer replicates real food. End of story. Eating food could be part of the narrative of the holodeck’s story, but the user doesn’t want to actually eat, having just had their actual meal or are trying to watch the weight or whatever.

Can the U.S.S. Defiant land?

Illustrations in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual (pp. 183, 184) suggest the USS Defiant was equipped with landing gear and capable of planetary landing, though never referenced on screen.

Does the U.S.S. Defiant have a shuttle bay?

Can you walk around in Star Trek Online?

Nope. The older / early ships have the most interior detail; most new ships pretty much give you a bridge and that’s about it but at least the newer bridges don’t have people sitting on air so there is that. oh what a shame,,,,,,do you know of any star trek game that does have that?

What does DS9 mean in Star Trek?

Deep Space 9 (abbreviated to DS9) is a Federation space station located in the Bajor Sector. By virtue of being sited at the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole, DS9 has become one of the most strategically important space stations in the Alpha Quadrant as well as being a hub for diplomacy and commerce.

Who is the commander of Defiant on DS9?

Due to this importance, it remained open to members of the Klingon Defense Forces during the Federation-Klingon War and functions as a hub for Jem’Hadar from Odo ‘s expeditionary fleet. The commander of the station, and of the U.S.S. Defiant which has been assigned to DS9 since 2371, is Captain James Kurland .

What does the Defiant do in Star Trek?

“Assimilation of the Innocent”: The Defiant is part of a Starfleet task force that responds to a Borg invasion of the Vega System. “Spoils of War”: The Defiant, under the command of Commander Sarish Minna, helps the player defeat True Way Alliance forces in the Badlands.

Are there any Cardassian struggle missions on DS9?

Other removed Cardassian Struggle missions began from NPCs on DS9, but did not involve it. Although Deep Space 9 is officially within the Bajor System, both it and the wormhole are accessible separately from sector space. The Cardassians have a second starbase identical to Deep Space 9 in the Trivas System, called Empok Nor.