Is the Mercury Pro XS a good engine?

Is the Mercury Pro XS a good engine?

When it comes to performance bass boats, sport boats and bay boats, the long running Pro XS line of engines injects just enough performance improvements to make most consumers happy. They are great engines overall, slightly higher RPM range, the bullet proof Torque Master style gearcase and sometimes stiffer mounts.

How much horsepower does a Mercury 25 have?

Specifications – 25 EFI

HP / kW 25 / 18.6
Displacement (CID/CC) 32.1 / 526
Full throttle RPM 5000-6000
Fuel induction system 2 valves per cylinder, single overhead cam (SOHC)
Alternator amp / Watt 15 amp / 186 watt

What horsepower is a Mercury Pro XS?

This subtle, automatic change produces additional torque for faster hole shot and acceleration. A powerful alternator provides net charging output of 20 amps at idle and 85 amps at wide open throttle….

Horsepower 225 Horsepower expand/collapse
Engine type V8
Displacement (CID/CC) 279 CID
Displacement (L) 4.6L

How much does a Mercury Pro XS cost?

Mercury Marine 300XL Pro XS • $24,180 Anglers powered by Pro XS outboards have won more bass fishing tournaments than all other brands combined. With lightning-quick acceleration and top speed, legendary reliability, and lightweight design, it’s everything you need to push it farther, faster, and harder.

What is the difference between Mercury and Mercury Pro XS?

Rpm redline for the 4 Stroke Pro XS is 6000 for the non Pro XS is 5800. Pro XS’s tend to have about 10% higher horsepower over the non-XS models. At least that’s how it was between Optimax and Pro XS’s. All I See is the RPM which could yield slightly more horse power, well and different cowling.

Is the Mercury Pro XS a 4 stroke?

The new 4-stroke Mercury Pro XS replaces the 2-stroke OptiMax series of engines which have been discontinued. Like the OptiMax, the Pro XS specializes in having high low-end torque and lightweight.

How fast will a 25 HP 4 stroke Mercury go?

It’ll only run 21 mph on GPS with two of us in it so you wouldn’t want to get too far from the ramp if the skies are threatening but then nobody really buys a boat like that for speed anyway. Bottom line: If you’re looking for a really good 16 ft.

Who makes Mercury 25 hp outboard?


MODEL Mercury Outboard 25MH
SHAFT LENGTH 15″ (Short)

How long does a Mercury Pro XS last?

These engines are well capable of 1000+ hours with routine maintenance.

What is the Mercury XS?

Mercury Pro XS outboards are engineered for the most demanding people on the water – people looking for every advantage they can squeeze out of their equipment. Serious boaters can appreciate all Pro XS has to offer. Unmatched speed and acceleration. Legendary reliability. Incredible fuel efficiency.

Is the Mercury Pro XS a 4-stroke?