Is the Potters House in Denver closed?

Is the Potters House in Denver closed?

The Potter’s House Denver Closes Church Property and Goes Virtual Only. The Potter’s House Denver will sell its property and continue with its worship services online only according to a recent announcement.

Who is the pastor at the Potter House Denver?

Rev. Chris Hill
The Rev. Chris Hill numbers his new flock at about 5,000.

Where can I watch Sarah Jakes Roberts?

Sarah Jakes Roberts, a sitcom series starring is available to stream now. Watch it on Believers Voice Television, Power Mix Television, GLS THE GLOSS NETWORK or C ME TV on your Roku device.

Is the Potter House of Denver for sale?

Online church and virtual campuses have become mainstays during the pandemic, and one Denver-area megachurch is making virtual services its only options—for good.

Who is Stephanie Ike?

Stephanie Ike is a remarkable communicator with a message of faith, hope and love. A message she delivers as an author, pastor and talk show host. She’s passionate about leading people into an understanding of God’s unconditional love and the identity they have in Him.

Where is Chris Hill now?

Chris Hill is the Lead Pastor of The Potter’s House of Denver and Founder of Hill Communications.

Did TD Jakes leave the Potter’s House?

Why did TD Jakes leave Potter’s house? As of 2020, T.D. Jakes is still a bishop of the church he founded – though back in 2019, he admitted that there was a point in time that he considered leaving, citing his distaste for being famous as his main reasoning.

Does Sarah Jakes have a church?

ONE | A Potter’s House Church.

Is Sarah Jake Roberts a pastor?

The businesswoman, motivational speaker, pastor and bestselling author just penned her latest book. Sarah Jakes Roberts is no stranger to expertly mastering career-and-life balance.

How much did the Potters house sell for?

The “Potter’s House” YouTube series took off Her daughter and son-in-law sold Archbold the home for $20,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD). This is equivalent to almost $15,000 USD.

Is Stephanie ike a pastor?

What happened Rev Ike?

Family and death Reverend Ike died in Los Angeles at age 74 on July 28, 2009, after not fully recovering from a stroke in 2007. His son gave a eulogy at his father’s memorial service comparing his father to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X – as a “spiritual activist” and a liberator of minds.