Is the Shure SM58 a good vocal mic?

Is the Shure SM58 a good vocal mic?

Yes, Shure SM58 is good for recording vocals and it is a great microphone to have in your studio. The shure SM58 is traditionally used as a live vocal performance microphone.

Does Shure SM58 need phantom power?

A dynamic microphone, like the SM58, does not require phantom power because it does not have active electronics inside. Nonetheless, applying phantom power will not damage other microphones in the vast majority of cases.

Why is the Shure SM58 so good?

Performing musicians have been using the Shure SM58 since its release and praise its rugged construction and vocal-emphasized frequency response. Podcasters will benefit from the cardioid pickup pattern which effectively reduces background noise and doesn’t require much effort for good placement.

How far can SM58 sing?

Applications And Placement

Application Suggested Microphone Placement
Vocals 15 to 60 cm (6 in. to 2 ft.) away from mouth, just above nose height.
20 to 60 cm (8 in. to 2 ft.) away from mouth, slightly off to one side.
90 cm to 1.8 m (3 to 6 ft.) away.

Is SM58 good for podcasting?

The Shure SM58 is one of the most famous mics in the world. Its natural home might be the world of live music, but the 58 has seen plenty of action in the world of podcasting too. This is particularly true when it comes to in-person, face-to-face interviews.

Is SM58 dynamic or condenser?

dynamic microphone
The major difference between each of these microphones is that they are two different types of mic entirely. The Shure SM58 is a dynamic microphone whereas the Shure SM86 is a condenser microphone.

What is +48V?

Phantom power, commonly designated as +48V or P48, was designed to power microphones without using bulky external power supplies such as the ones required for tube microphones. It’s a way of sending the DC electrical current required through a balanced XLR cable.

Is Shure SM58 mono or stereo?

The Shure SM58 is a mono microphone. It’s probably plugged into input 1 of the M-Audio Fast Track and input 2 has nothing plugged into it. Therefore you should get a signal on the left channel and silence on the right channel if you record in stereo.

What artists use Shure SM58?

The SM58 has been the microphone of choice for Roger Daltrey, Paul McCartney, Henry Rollins, Patti Smith, Alice Cooper, Buddy Guy, Cheap Trick, G. Love, Martina McBride, Megadeth and countless other musicians.

How do I setup my SM58?


  1. Aim the microphone toward the desired sound source (such as the talker, singer, or instrument) and away from unwanted sources.
  2. Place the microphone as close as practical to the desired sound source.
  3. Work close to the microphone for extra bass response.
  4. Use only one microphone to pick up a single sound source.