Is the Six Samurai deck good?

Is the Six Samurai deck good?

Our YuGiOh Master Duel Six Samurai deck is a perfect deck for players who need something simple but powerful. YuGiOh has tonnes of cards and deck combinations making for many methods of play, and the Six Samurai is a fantastic deck for swarming boards with cards to overwhelm enemies.

Who had Six Samurai Deck?

Brice Babcock
Here’s a look at his Deck. Brice Babcock and his Six Samurais! Naturia Beast, Naturia Barkion, Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL, Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En, and Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess. That’s Babcock’s typical turn 1 field if he’s left uninterrupted.

What YuGiOh character uses Six Samurai?

The Six Samurai – Nisashi appears in the video game, Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007. He appears as a Level Six Limited Duelist and he challenges the player to only included “Six Samurai” monsters in the Deck.

How much does a Six Samurai deck cost?

Booster Value (TCG)

Name Type High
Legendary Six Samurai – Enishi Monster $6.25
Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki Monster $11.00
Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan Monster $9.35
Musakani Magatama Trap $3.77

What is the best Yugioh deck?

Yu-Gi-Oh! 15 Most Powerful Decks In The Game’s History, Ranked

  • 8 Frog FTK.
  • 7 Nekroz.
  • 6 Yata Lock.
  • 5 Spyral.
  • 4 TeleDAD.
  • 3 Zoodiac.
  • 2 Dragon Rulers.
  • 1 PePe.

What packs have six samurai cards?

“Six Samurai”, known as “Six Warmen” ( 六 ろく 武 ぶ 衆 しゅう Roku Bushū) in the OCG, is an archetype of Warrior monsters that debuted in Strike of Neos, with further support included in Gladiator’s Assault, Storm of Ragnarok, Extreme Victory and Deck Build Pack: Spirit Warriors.

What kind of deck is six samurai?

Aggro Deck
“Six Samurai” were radically altered by the release of Storm of Ragnarok. With the release of the “Legendary Six Samurai”, their strategy has shifted very rapidly from one of a normal Aggro Deck to a low monster search based Aggro Deck.

Was Six Samurai in the anime?

The Six Samurai – Nisashi (anime)

When did Legendary Six Samurai come out?


Release Number Rarity
2011-02-08 STOR-EN022 Rare
2012-06-21 SDWA-EN018 Super Rare
2017-11-16 SPWA-EN043 Super Rare

Is Dragon ruler Tier 0?

Dragon Rulers are statistically Tier 0 BASED ON AND ONLY ON WHAT PEOPLE HAVE SAID ON POJO IF you include Dragunity Rulers. Tier 0 has always been a theoretical mountain-top that decks can only wish to obtain.