Is Tree Brand a good knife?

Is Tree Brand a good knife?

Boker knives, otherwise known as the “Tree Brand”, are well known for their high levels of precision, leading-edge design and use of top quality materials. They are based in Germany and have been manufacturing knives for well over 100 years.

What pocket knives are valuable?

8 Pricey Pocket Knives Worth the Investment

  • Boker Mother of Pearl. The Boker Scout is a perfect example of how you simply can’t beat tradition.
  • Cold Steel Knives and Tools Espada.
  • SOG Arcitech – Jigged Bone.
  • Zero Tolerance 0850.

Are Boker Tree brand knives made in Germany?

Since 1869, Boker knives with the Tree Brand have been manufactured in Solingen, Germany. They use only top quality materials, state of the art technology, and old world craftsmanship.

What knife has a tree logo?

150 Years Boker Manufactory The famous knives with the world-renowned tree-brand have been handmade in Solingen since 1869. Since the foundation, no knife has left our manufactory without this sign of quality. The long history of Boker has been affected by eventful times.

Where are Tree Brand knives made?

Solingen, Germany
Boker is a brand of knives–under Boker USA Inc–manufactured in Solingen, Germany. Only knives branded with the tree symbol are manufactured in Solingen because the tree is used as a sign of quality, so any knives that feature the tree or are labeled “Tree Brand” typically falls under Boker.

What Steel does Boker use?

Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel | C | Lexicon | Boker USA.

How old does a knife have to be to be vintage?

Antiques are knives at least 100 years old; collectible knives are of a later vintage than antique, and may even be new. Collectors and dealers may use the word vintage to describe older collectibles.

Are old knives worth anything?

It depends on the kind of old knife, the manufacturer of the knife, the era it came from, and its condition, among other things. With all other things being equal, though, old knives are worth some money and are surely valuable. If you’ve got one, hold on to it and probably pass it down.

Where are Boker Tree Brand pocket knives made?

Are Boker knives made in China?

Boker Plus knives are made in China which is cheaper.. while Boker knives are made in Germany pricier. The brand itself is German.

Where can I sell my second hand knives?

The best places to sell knives include online marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy, knife forums, eBay, your own website, and local markets. If you’ve mastered the art of knife making, selling the finished product is a great way to earn extra income or even start a new business.

What is C75 steel?

C75 is a standard Euronorm high carbon spring steel, part of EN10132. It has a carbon content of 0.7-0.8% making it a multi-purpose carbon steel with good spring properties. Therefore, it is a commonly used carbon steel in a wide range of engineering applications. C75 steel hardness range is 400/450 vpn.

What is the history of the Boker Tree brand knives?

Boker Tree Brand Knives is known to be the first company that has introduced ceramic knives to the marketplace. The company was founded by Hermann Heuser and Robert Boker in 1879 in Solingen, Germany.

Where to search for pocket knives market values?

Searching for Pocket Knives market values? You have come to the right place! IGuide?is proud to host the online Pocket Knives Price Guide.The price guide is maintained by Jon R. Warren, whose price guide books have been the authority on collectibles values since 1985.

Is the knives book worth it?

Quite handy in weeding out counterfeit Knives, which there are quite a few of. 100 percent buy this book, it will pay for itself. I purchased this book hoping that it would be an update from the previous edition. It is not. If you have the previous book, don’t waste your money.

What is the best brand of pocket knife?

Boker Knives has a reputation for its classic style pocket knives including Trapper, Stockman and Copperhead models. The brand also produces an array of accessories including knife sharpeners, scissors, flashlights and swords. The knives bear push button locks.