Is Variax discontinued?

Is Variax discontinued?

Variax electric guitars They discontinued the 500 about a year later.

What is Line6 Workbench HD?

All-New Workbench HD Software Featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Workbench HD provides full control over scores of important instrument characteristics such as string pitch, string volume, pickup position and much more.

How do I connect my Variax guitar?

  1. Fully charge the Variax battery.
  2. Connect Variax interface box to PC via USB.
  3. Install and run Line6 Monkey.
  4. Connect Variax to interface.
  5. Plug a 1/4″ cable into guitar and into your amp (or mixer, or whatever you want to get the sound from).
  6. These substeps are only needed the first time you connect the Variax:

How do I edit Variax?

Launch Workbench HD with your Variax connected; your guitar’s models will populate the Model List automatically. Scoll the Model List and select a preset you’d like to edit, or one you’d like to use as the basis for a new preset; double-click its name to load it into the Edit Window.

How good is Variax?

From a standard guitar perspective alone, the Shuriken is worth its price, but the addition of the versatile Variax electronics makes it an incredible deal. The body is well balanced and comfortable to play, and the mid-gain humbucker sounds great on its own through a wide variety of amps.

What does a Variax guitar do?

Few music products have created as much interest amongst players as the Line 6 Variax, an electric guitar with built-in electronics that enables it to emulate a number of popular electric, semi-acoustic and acoustic guitar models, as well as metal-body resonator guitars, a banjo and even a sitar.

Is the Line 6 Variax worth it?

What is a modeling electric guitar?

Modeling electric guitars are special instruments designed for the rare breed of player who wants access to an incredibly wide palette of tones, ranging from traditional to futuristic, and the ability to switch between them on a dime.

Is Variax any good?

Are digital modeling amps good?

Modeling Amps Are Lightweight For a gigging musician — especially someone in a Top 40 band who needs to cycle through several tones over the course of a set — a modeling amp can be a great way to achieve that in a single amplifier without lugging several amps and a massive pedal board to the venue.