Is Zayed married?

Is Zayed married?

Malaika ParekhZayed Khan / Spouse (m. 2005)

What is the age of Zayed Khan?

41 years (July 5, 1980)Zayed Khan / Age

Who is Sanjay Khan wife?

Zeenat Amanm. 1978–1979
Zarine Katrakm. 1966
Sanjay Khan/Wife

Who is Feroze Khan wife?

Syeda Alizey Fatima RazaFeroze Khan / Wife (m. 2018)

Is Fardeen Khan related to Zayed Khan?

Zayed Abbas Khan (born 5 July 1980) is an Indian actor and producer who appears in Hindi films….

Zayed Khan
Spouse(s) Malaika Parekh ​ ( m. 2005)​
Children 2
Parent(s) Sanjay Khan Zarine Katrak
Relatives Sussanne Khan (sister) Feroz Khan (uncle) Fardeen Khan (cousin)

Are Aditya Shetty and Zarina Khan still together?

Zarina is a Muslim and is six years older than Aditya, who is a Hindu by religion. However, these issues were never a problem for them. In fact, even their families were quite supportive of this relationship and they are still together. #19. Suniel Shetty and Mana Qadri

Is Shah Rukh Khan in love with Gauri Chibber?

Indian cinema’s king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan, was no less romantic in his personal life. He fell in love with Gauri Chibber, who belonged to a Hindu Brahmin family. And, the disagreements and strong resistance from her family could not stop our King Khan from believing in his love.

Who is Amrita Shetty’s husband Shakeel Ladak?

Amrita followed the footsteps of her sister Malaika, and married a Muslim guy, Shakeel Ladak. Amrita’s mother is a Catholic while her father is a Punjabi. So, to honour all the cultures they belong to, the couple got married in three different styles- Christian, Muslim and Punjabi.

Did Arbaaz Khan marry a non-Muslim girl?

Just like his brother, even Arbaaz fell in love with a non-Muslim girl, Malaika Arora. However, Arbaaz did not follow Sohail’s footsteps when it came to marrying his ladylove. Rather, he took permission from Malaika’s mother and the two had a Christian wedding. The couple is now divorced!